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2 コメント
Leslie75 2

Cool the english version is back into schedule

Leslie75 02/28/2011 14:20:49   
Kor the Legendary Kami 2

Leslie75 のコメント:Cool the english version is back into schedule Leslie75 のコメント:Cool the english version is back into schedule

Shon: "YAY!!!"

Kor:"I hope that they eventually get to the point where they show Amilova and her teacher having sex because I just totally see Amilova truly being a Lesbian or Bi. Maybe it was just that look of content she showed in her imagined version of her teacher bathing her in the shower like that and also the fact that she imagined the teacher being naked too. What's to say that the teacher really was naked? Amilova doesn't know that. Also the way she got angry looked like she only didn't like the teacher doing that because she wasn't awake to take a shower with her."

Kor the Legendary Kami 02/28/2011 15:08:27   
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Amilova: cover




著者 : , ,

チーム : , , , ,

翻訳 : tze

Original Language: Français

公開のペース: 日曜日

タイプ : 和風漫画

ジャンル : アクション

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