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8 コメント
Cattivone 3

Crilin should have escaped when he had the chance of doing it, I still don't get why he's still there.

Cattivone 12/02/2021 09:39:24   
Chewys 30

Cause he isn't a little chicken anymore goddamit!!!

Chewys 12/02/2021 11:09:07   
MaddoxX 1

cause there is no Goku to count on this time.

MaddoxX 12/02/2021 13:49:16   
videogames518 1

"We have no chance at all..."

Well... you could strike a deal with Vegeta if he'd be willing to accept, provided you still have that last Senzu on you

videogames518 12/02/2021 17:54:25   

Have you already decided how strong they are? Kulilin stated that even with kaiohken 3x it would have been an hard match versus Chichi, does it mean she is around 20,000? Hence, A-14 and Tao are around 140,000?
At the start of the fight, A-15 stated they were about 50 times stronger than Kami, but maybe he wasn’t referring to Kami at his maximum power, rather to the weakened one he was facing)

MATTIA IL DIVINO 12/02/2021 19:57:49   
Chewys 30

Yep. Here he says they are more than 7 times stronger than Android Chichi.
Chichi is around 20, he is around 170 and Tao around 220.Give or take.

But the reason i don't want yo stick with fixed Power levels is because they can change (z Warriors i mean, not androids) so if people are too fixed on Power levels then they can't really enjoy the fight.

So the general idea should be that androids are over 150. It means a whole other league.

Chewys 12/02/2021 20:22:34   
Yetiks 1

I see only 4 ways to defend earth:

1) Harp / tien will use mafuba and somehow it work
2) Kami somehow survived and will fuse with Harp or piccolo daimao (better harp)
3) Strong warrior will arrived on earth from space and defeat androids
4) Earthlings get senzu to vegeta and will be monkey form (ozaru)

or ...

They just could try to escape

Yetiks 12/03/2021 00:15:06   
MightyB 2

blue said they are 50 times stronger and tao said daimao must have more than the 3500 he is showing.That means blue should be 175000.And if he says he is 7times stronger than chichi that should mean she is 25000.Did not think chichi was so different in power.So tao is even more strong.Gero did say blue and tao was pretty much the same kind of model and they were strong humans with the system he used made them gain alot more power.Tao easy beat blue with only his tongue so indeed he should be stronger.
I wonder what happened to a-15 it was never talked about.Mafuba could work if chichi is not that strong as haarp keeps her away and tien seals while tao is away.But its a cheap move like kienzan so theres not much story from such thing.Even if only against blue there is still tao which they have no chance at all.Senzu given to vegeta or he finds it on the floor is the only thing i see.

MightyB 12/03/2021 22:18:52   
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