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3 コメント
DanB 2

Wow, so aggressive. So mature. Too tough for the likes of me, certainly. Hmm.

Walk forward with our heads down? What a novel plan. I COMPLETELY trust YOU to lead the operation, given your OBVIOUS skills at strategic thinking and your INTIMATE knowlege of the terrain.

Look, can you maybe help me instead of messing with my head?
Yes, I caused all this. Yes, I'm in it up to my neck! No, I don't have any kind of plan. And if you just tell me what's going on I'll probably follow you!

Of course. Understood. You have my apologies.

Now, the first thing we must do is dissappear.

DanB 03/07/2011 11:39:04   
Nassif Al-Hussary 1

arabic people are no terrorists >

Nassif Al-Hussary 08/09/2011 13:50:35   
Esteryn 33

Nassif Al-Hussary のコメント:arabic people are no terrorists > indeed they are not, i think the authors are using this line to criticise and mock people who thus discriminate

Esteryn 08/13/2011 15:33:49   
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Amilova: cover




著者 : , ,

チーム : , , , ,

翻訳 : tze

Original Language: Français

公開のペース: 日曜日

タイプ : 和風漫画

ジャンル : アクション

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