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presentation of alrickdrinkson

bon ben repartis pour une année de prépa capès... réforme de merde -_-"
avril pour l'écrit, oral vers juin juillet si admissible...

hi there, even if i got a creepy english, i'm able to translate your webcomic rather quickly, from english to french, it will go even faster if i'm really fond of your comic/manga.

-update => got some exam in june so i'm not open to project

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alrickdrinkson's blog

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The end of the line.
Today I've uploaded here the last page of the Last chapter of Leth Hate I'll be making. I'm closing this comic down. It has been taking far too much of my time and effort. I thank you all who read and followed the comic for your support over the last couple of years.

Keep your eyes peeled for future projects.


Oh crap... well congratulations for keeping this project up to date and making us laugh so much ! I'm keeping my eyes peeled expecting more amazing projects from you ;).

I'm sad it stopped, wish you the best for your next projects, I'm sure you'll rock again and again !!!

Sad to see it end, I did enjoy Leth Hate. Ah well, I shall look forward to whatever you do next.

So Leth.hate where are you in your new projects :) ?

Localisation des membres
que de briochin surtout :p pourtant c'est mort a st brieuc


Bon ça ressort pas comme je voulais le faire mais c'est pas grave...



New page of The Heart of Earth

En Français, chapitre 3, page 25


Guepe-Ride Глава: 2 страница: 9

No Pink Ponies! Глава: 1 страница: 14

Barbu : Des défis & des artworks Глава: 1 страница: 6

The Heart of Earth Глава: 3 страница: 25


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