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Ну хорошо! Стираю пыль с этого аккаунта. Дополнил ИД.
Отзовитесь, кто ещё смотрит или помнит о нём.
У меня много произошло в жизни. Я много нарисовал комиксов.
В конце 2019 года опубликовал (на русском) большой комикс. Смесь Трёх мушкетёров и Сталкера.

Oh well! I erase dust from this account. Supplemented by ID.
Respond, who else is watching or remembering him.
A lot has happened in my life. I drew a lot of comics.
At the end of 2019, he published (in Russian) a large comic book. A mixture of Three Musketeers and a Stalker.


Additionally, there will be undiscovered chests scattered across the battlefield; all blockpost you need to do to expand your arsenal is locate and open them. The total points will be divided among the winners based on the results of each round. Your ranking will determine how many points you get, and vice versa.

Many online games are enjoyable. I like to play stumble guys, a knockout game that tests boys' wits.

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