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Do It Yourself!

Do It Yourself! : manga cover

Lucas, an interior designer, is sent to live with his aunt to help design her new work space. Unfortunately he has to work with his cousin's best friend Ashley, who is a construction worker. The two hate each other but work needs to get done!

Hello! My name is Renna, I am 25 years old and I love to talk to other comic fans and creators.

Художник :

Помощник :

Original Language : English

Обновления : On hold

Жанры : Мелодрама

Тип : манга
(Комикс (слева направо))

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41 comments in other languages.

MlleOcatopus MlleOcatopus 3Jun гл4 стр16 Your comic is very great ! :D Can I translate it in frensh ? :)
chitsuko chitsuko 26Nov гл2 стр11 une suite est prévue car je suis pour!!!!
Ani Mizuki Ani Mizuki 8Mar гл1 стр1 no entendi alguien me puede explicar lo que paso aqui?????
nasra nasra 13Nov гл2 стр11 hahaaha ouai une grande ou une petite ;) lol
ocnarf16 ocnarf16 8Nov гл2 стр8 D: ????
angel144 angel144 23Oct гл2 стр8 porque por mas que lo tradusco no aparecen las paginas
ocnarf16 ocnarf16 14Jun гл2 стр8 sube mas xD:)
Erazade Erazade 25May гл2 стр4 Il manque les textes ^^
Ame_Chan Ame_Chan 22Mar гл1 стр15 Pour quand la suite ? *---* <3
ocnarf16 ocnarf16 22Jan гл1 стр15 por favor no aguanto quiero saver mas
ocnarf16 ocnarf16 30Dec гл1 стр15 yapo mas paginas
Eme Eme 30Dec гл1 стр12 j'aime bien sa chemise
manish17 manish17 26Dec гл1 стр5 boring... just A waste of time!
nouche.07 nouche.07 12Aug гл1 стр15 Ah quand la suite ? *.*
ocnarf16 ocnarf16 10Aug гл1 стр15 4 paginas en casi todo el año wazap quiero mas paginas

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