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Demon Fist

Demon Fist : manga cover

In world where demons and angels live among humans and a tyrannical world government controls the people through their faith and their fear, One boy is destined to fight them all.

Rory Featherwind, Is a young man who through some rather unusual and very unfortunate circumstances is now endowed with an incredibly powerful demonic Left arm. In the arm three and a half demons are now sealed giving Rory incredible strength and some peculiar new friends.

The Church wants Rory because he is the key to learning how to successfully fuse a demon and a human. What they need this power for is still a mystery, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be any less relentless in their search for the Demon Fist!

Hi all, I hope you dig Demon Fist. I just want to thank you all for taking the time to read my comic. Also check out for the latest page and Demon Fist merchandise.

Художник :

Original Language : English

Обновления : On hold

Жанры : Боевик

Тип : манга
(Комикс (слева направо))

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15 comments in other languages.

cooler23 cooler23 7Feb гл1 стр1 Se ve genial aquella mano
Mister_X_fr Mister_X_fr 14Jan гл3 стр2 quewa? la page à été publiée alors que je n'ai pas fini de la traduire?! bon je fais ca le plus vite possible tout à l'heure ;)
ELbabotas ELbabotas 4Jan гл2 стр21 Thanks man! I didnt thought that you were realy going to do it! ;) :D
loroa loroa 14Oct гл2 стр8 yes i think you can say fuck mdr XDDDD
mangafan mangafan 7Jul гл1 стр30 J'adore son sourire.
fandemangadu33 fandemangadu33 7May гл1 стр13 Rory is very very dumb (like other)
fandemangadu33 fandemangadu33 7May гл1 стр11 perfect, this is just perfect
fandemangadu33 fandemangadu33 7May гл1 стр5 It's not very very bad, I like that (pour les non anglophones: ce n'est pas vraiment mauvais, j'aime bien ça)
misstark misstark 27Apr гл1 стр30 Traduction finie =D J'espère qu'elle vous conviendra ^^ Bonne lecture à tous =) PS: Shaise me plaît bien personnellement ! =P
Mister_X_fr Mister_X_fr 7Jun гл1 стр1 j'ai jeté un oeil sur la version anglaise, ça déchire! j'espère qu'y aura bientôt la traduction, moi je suis pas bon en langue : (...)
Manganatsu Manganatsu 18Apr гл1 стр1 Belle couverture !
MenolyMallia MenolyMallia 6Apr гл1 стр1 j'ai jeté un oeil sur la version anglaise, ça déchire! j'espère qu'y aura bientôt la traduction, moi je suis pas bon en langue :(
RoryFeatherwind RoryFeatherwind 26Mar гл1 стр27 Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy!
tanasinn tanasinn 15Mar гл1 стр27 i really like this manga... i'm following

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