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Run 8

Run 8 : manga cover

In a world were hate is a benediction, Sklan and his friend Topazio will begin race against madness.

Mimi is the illustrator of the manga Run8. Furo is the author-screenwriter Run8.

Художник :

Сценарист :

Переводчик : , и

Помощник :

Original Language : Français

Обновления : On hold

Жанры : Боевик

Тип : манга - Saga
(Комикс (слева направо))


Before reading this манга be aware that it could shock you. It contains :

  • Violence

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5880 comments in other languages.

Brüth Brüth 17Jun гл1 стр8 Un dessin bien dynamique, des bonnes postures et des personnages disproportionnés fort sympathiques.
mykilow mykilow 11Apr гл12 стр16 Toutes ces mise à jour, c'est beau. Ca y est, vous reprenez le rhytme? Aura-t-on des nouvelles pages, la suite?
Luxiuss Luxiuss 4Jul гл4 стр7 Gore
Luxiuss Luxiuss 4Jul гл1 стр12 La terreur noir devient l'ange blanc
Luxiuss Luxiuss 4Jul гл1 стр10 UNE MAIN EST SORTIE DE SON TORSE !!!!!!!!!!!
Luxiuss Luxiuss 4Jul гл1 стр9 Son visage se fissure?!
Luxiuss Luxiuss 4Jul гл1 стр3 Trop dément!
marilaure marilaure 23Jun гл1 стр10 hahahah botte lui les fesses; J'aime bien
studio.takoyaki studio.takoyaki 16Jun гл1 стр1 Thank you so much, but we currently aren't able to manage our comics due to a lake of money. So we are looking for jobs etc... But (...)
Throneofsouls Throneofsouls 16Jun гл1 стр1 You know so far I really like this story though I wonder when I can buy this- online? I mean once the story is completely fini (...)
Feuillou Feuillou 12Apr гл2 стр5 PTDR Sam Alex et Clover le clin d'oeil au totally spies
Chajiro Chajiro 27Dec гл1 стр1 Viejo que también llegue a America.
Oriudolce Oriudolce 3Nov гл1 стр4 Ce décor est cool ! Bien fait !
Volcano Volcano 6Aug гл13 стр5 Et voilà qu'une année supplémentaire, ou peu s'en faut, est passée...
Angele Angele 19Jul гл4 стр23 Hi ! On oublie pas une BD comme Run8, même après 3 ans d'absence. Toujours aussi magnifique ! De toute beauté ;)

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studio.takoyaki New Topic! 14Dec All comics - Run 8 - Run 8 withdraw from the competition héhéhéhé. Surprise.
DrugOn New Topic! 9Nov All comics - Run 8 - Run 8 volume 2 is coming on Amilova Yay! Nice to see there's more and more of Run 8! I didn't read to the end the first part (I started the 4 chapter) yet, but I'm ca (...)
studio.takoyaki New Topic! 26Sep All comics - Run 8 - Run 8 comic is coming in new english version. Mimi: HI! 8 new pages have been uploaded in English: a new character appears. And for you men, a sexy scene link of the page (...)
TroyB New Topic! 24Sep All comics - Run 8 - English version of run 8 is in late. Not for so long ! Hey everybody. Just a little annoncement to tell you that the 8th October, Run 8 will catch up its late. Means you'll be at the s (...)

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