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AMU Corporation Virtual Reality Game Development Studio: founded in 2042 AD and employing a staff of 1500 people. The company was known initially as a software developer of low-grade products, but secretly it was also involved in the development of virtual reality technologies, and when it eventually presented its sensory-integrated RPG system, it was catapulted to the top of the business world overnight...
But with its success there also appeared those who threatened AMU Corp's virtual world.

Художник :

Помощник : и

Original Language : 日本語

Обновления : On hold

Жанры : Fantasy - SF

Тип : манга
(Манга (справа налево))

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22 comments in other languages.

Hamel Hamel 10Jul гл1 стр59 mdr XD
chachy chachy 30Jun гл1 стр59 mdr
chachy chachy 30Jun гл1 стр57 tout ça ce n'était qu'un film?! on aurait pas dit!
Lixato Lixato 6Dec гл1 стр23 Que divertido, muy bueno :3
coligrim coligrim 20Jul гл1 стр46 ayant déjà lut lut la plupart des light novel "sword art online", je ne pensait pas trouver un manga sur les j-v en réalités virtu (...)
didizuka didizuka 29Oct гл1 стр6 wa ! art is pretty good :)
valtintin valtintin 6Jul гл1 стр51 Le Envoy2: ce serait pas un é majuscule? faut appuyer sur alt et taper 144 en restant appuyé et tu as ton é majuscule ;)... Si c' (...)
Tibari Tibari 25Jun гл1 стр46 Vivement Mercredi ^^
whoisit1999 whoisit1999 20May гл1 стр5 :) thanks
johandark johandark 18May гл1 стр6 Thank you This comic has been completed. Please wait to be updated. And please enjoy. REally great level of art.. (...)
feilang feilang 18May гл1 стр5 Thank you. I'm glad to read my comics!
feilang feilang 18May гл1 стр2 Half Prince ? Est-ce une caricature?
feilang feilang 18May гл1 стр3 Bonjour! Je suis désolé, je ne sais pas le français. Mais je suis heureux de votre commentaire.
whoisit1999 whoisit1999 18May гл1 стр5 nice job with the comic :D
Byabya~~♥ Byabya~~♥ 4May гл1 стр3 Hey beh, ça c'est de la qualité, rien à redire sur le dessin (peut-être que les effets de trams sont trop exagérés)

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