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3 комментарии
Guildadventure 30

We have updated this page too with an improved version. Since this is the page when Reika appears, i also add a song that allways reminds me of her when i hear it, you can call it Reika's song XD

Guildadventure 06/05/2012 02:27:45   
Hrevelax 1

Deus ex machina so early in the story? C'mon...

Hrevelax 10/14/2012 11:27:58   
Guildadventure 30

Hrevelax сказал:Deus ex machina so early in the story? C'mon... Deux ex machina? oO, it's a simple basilikoko

Guildadventure 10/15/2012 00:16:07   

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