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The Black Doctor

The Black Doctor : manga cover

The Black Doctor is a man known on the internet for his ability to cure all kinds of illnesses without using medications or other traditional methods. One day Haruka decides to meet him not realising that her life will change for good.

Художник :

Переводчик :

Original Language : English

Обновления : On hold

Жанры : Триллер

Тип : манга
(Манга (справа налево))

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163 comments in other languages.

Brüth Brüth 28Aug гл1 стр7 Belle série. Le noir et blanc sont bien gérés
lalata lalata 24Jul гл2 стр9 More. Please. It's really cute and I like it very much.
Constantine Constantine 23May гл1 стр16 Sigue!!! :D
Creeperator Creeperator 2Feb гл1 стр8 Interesante
manish17 manish17 25Dec гл1 стр1 wow!! best of all and my favourite.. please continue the story!
Aira192 Aira192 3Jun гл2 стр9 its so cute..very cute!!:D :D
mathew600 mathew600 27Apr гл2 стр9 T'est pas le seul :)
Erazade Erazade 26Apr гл2 стр9 Ouah ! Deux pages en deux jours ! Bravo ! J'adore cette BD :)
Blood Wolf Blood Wolf 24Apr гл1 стр4 inspiration martin mystères XD
Marialexie Marialexie 24Apr гл1 стр4 hentaiiiiiii !
yata_luver yata_luver 16Apr гл2 стр9 more plz:!: :!: :)
UNDEADTRINITY UNDEADTRINITY 11Apr гл1 стр15 Amateur Surgery!!!
UNDEADTRINITY UNDEADTRINITY 11Apr гл1 стр7 :D Octopus-chan!
UNDEADTRINITY UNDEADTRINITY 11Apr гл1 стр4 Horror - Lovecraft - Manga?

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