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Dragonlast : manga cover

This is a story of two legendary heroes who changed the destiny of the humankind in a dragon world.

Художник :

Переводчик :

Помощник :

Original Language : English

Обновления : On hold

Жанры : Боевик

Тип : манга
(Комикс (слева направо))

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81 comments in other languages.

Ombrear Ombrear 20May гл1 стр11 apres 9 ans il n y en a pas alors...
ELbabotas ELbabotas 1Oct гл1 стр1 He managed to finish the issue 4 wich will come out for Bulgarian market. The series will be soon out in the US market too, than (...)
chaos chaos 19Nov гл1 стр11 fue traducido en google XD XD XD:D
chaos chaos 19Nov гл1 стр8 interesante comienzo
Johny Johny 21Mar гл1 стр10 Magnifique page :), dis donc il a pas l'air commode le type au cheveux rouge :)
Johny Johny 4Jan гл1 стр1 La Couverture est tout simplement CLASSE et Stylé j'adore :)
Creeperator Creeperator 15Sep гл1 стр11 La traducción no esta muy bien que digamos pero la historia no comienza nada mal, espero que continúen
traumwelt traumwelt 29Aug гл1 стр9 super boulot ! franchement, respect ^^
Vishnu Dualheart Vishnu Dualheart 29Jun гл1 стр8 well i just started reading ..looks fantastic :!:
Bellatrice Bellatrice 3Jun гл1 стр10 Un super-saiyan ! Je plaisante mais les cheveux sont énormes.
Bellatrice Bellatrice 3Jun гл1 стр1 Ça c'est de la couverture qui déchire ! Great !
DDdrummerguy DDdrummerguy 4Mar гл1 стр9 Excellent colour with the gore,
DDdrummerguy DDdrummerguy 4Mar гл1 стр6 i could do that... with the dragon, and the halberd and yeah i could but all together great colour, nice resolution, and it was (...)
DDdrummerguy DDdrummerguy 4Mar гл1 стр2 HAHAHA ROAR..... dragons lol
DDdrummerguy DDdrummerguy 4Mar гл1 стр1 only the front cover... and the artwork looks amazing

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TroyB New Topic! 29Oct All comics - Dragonlast - Dragonlast in Portuguese Lucky Satanasov, his dragonlast is now translated in 5 languages, it's awesome :). The funny thing is that it is not translated i (...)

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