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Karasu : manga cover

After two years of fruitless job-searching, Karasu's savings were running dry. With barely enough money to last him the month, he needed a job. Soon. As he was reaching his wit's end, Karasu received a job offer from a suspicious old man. That marked the beginning of his introduction to the supernatural world

Художник :

Original Language : English

Обновления : On hold

Жанры : Fantasy - SF

Тип : манга - Saga
(Комикс (слева направо))

4 comments in other languages.

Rambam Rambam 18Oct гл1 стр20 Looks awesome! If you want spanish traduction, I can traslate your Comic :) The older man scary me... XD
fakehero fakehero 26Sep гл1 стр20 Thank you :)
Elramis Elramis 25Sep гл1 стр16 I love your transitions between your two storytellings... Each time, it makes me stop and wonder on what just happened ! :D Gr (...)
TroyB TroyB 25Sep гл1 стр20 Awesome work really ! Thanks for sharing with us !

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TroyB New Topic! 25Sep karasu manga #sweet je viens de t'envoyer un mp ;)

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