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Blaze of Silver

Blaze of Silver : manga cover

Yi Hufu is a young teenage girl who accidentally releases a long forgotten and evil deity into her world.
The Silver God Huan Ra is now fused with her, soul and body.

While they find new friends on the road the two have to fight demon and angel alike, as Huan Ra's return could tumble the scale of power between good and evil... or so it seems.

Художник :

Original Language : English

Обновления : On hold

Жанры : Fantasy - SF

Тип : манга - Saga
(Комикс (слева направо))

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fullassignment1 fullassignment1 24Aug гл15 стр21 Get the best Links are allowed in comments only for Team Members! at for student can take help for homework. W (...)
Ouroboros Ouroboros 20Aug гл15 стр21 Seasu wearing Crossroad
Ouroboros Ouroboros 20Aug гл15 стр20 Othar wearing the Beach Bunny
Ouroboros Ouroboros 27Apr гл15 стр8 9 May For me or yesterday atleast, when this is posted. Yi's father parents akka grandparents, sadly there death.
Ouroboros Ouroboros 12Apr гл14 стр51 happy easter
Ouroboros Ouroboros 26Sep гл14 стр29 man i had hoped to have recovered before then
Ouroboros Ouroboros 23Jul гл14 стр11 the comic series is 13 years old now
Ouroboros Ouroboros 15Jul гл14 стр8 Othar as she was 2 years ago
Ouroboros Ouroboros 14Jun гл13 стр30 A drawing i made at Animecon
Ouroboros Ouroboros 26Apr гл13 стр19 A Picture i drew for myself , to celebrate my aging day. I liked the picture to much to clutter it with a happy birthday Sea (...)
Ouroboros Ouroboros 18Mar гл13 стр12 I am at the Elffatasy fair today
Ouroboros Ouroboros 5Feb гл12 стр31 The comic site Amilova is 8 years old As both Hemisphere and Amilova had no updates last year we go for other series on the sit (...)
Ouroboros Ouroboros 23Jan гл12 стр28 Lemon as a dating sim character
Ouroboros Ouroboros 16Oct гл11 стр50 Yi Hufu and Seasu Megil as Gaius Julius Caesar and Cleopatra VII Philopator, better known as Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. I d (...)
Ouroboros Ouroboros 2Oct гл12 стр18 Honestly I won't do this again, but a weird wave in my mind. Brought in a scenario where I thought, what if I got a fanbase. (...)

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