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Ryak-Lo : manga cover

the Ryak-Lo are thought to be a mysterious long dead god-like race. But now, a young girl known as Ryna somehow has this power and is hunted relentlessly because of it.

Ryak-Lo is my big main project, planned for a good long run of a few years. 4 years into it and only a fraction of the story to come
hope you enjoy the reading the story as much as i have enjoyed making it.

now over 50 chapters in over 4 years, and the art has improved steadily throughout

Художник :

Original Language : English

Обновления : On hold

Жанры : Боевик

Тип : манга - Saga
(Комикс (слева направо))

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AceAssassain AceAssassain 9Jul гл79 стр7 Same here man but Tbh he's probably traveling with his family for summer vacation time so...
Chewys Chewys 5Jul гл79 стр7 I just hope he is fine... i'm starting to worry about him
AceAssassain AceAssassain 4Jul гл79 стр7 Well Chewys, Taresh had a streak going with uploading the pages but its gone
brumbart brumbart 26May гл77 стр15 I love a bit queer representation in awesome webcomics ^^
AceAssassain AceAssassain 14May гл79 стр7 That show would be very funny with all the sound effects he shows in the panels to
Chewys Chewys 4May гл79 стр7 :) :) :)
AceAssassain AceAssassain 4May гл79 стр7 I Agree sometimes I wait like a week to check so I have more than one page to read because every time he uploads one page a day I (...)
Chewys Chewys 2May гл79 стр7 Well... i guess you know, work, life, family, all that stuff :D :D :D He's a dad, remember. Of a young teenanger if i'm not mist (...)
AceAssassain AceAssassain 2May гл79 стр7 same here bro idk why the author keeps disappearing
Chewys Chewys 17Apr гл79 стр7 Still waiting for mass destruction :)
AceAssassain AceAssassain 2Apr гл79 стр7 Mass Destruction will occur on page 8
Chewys Chewys 28Mar гл79 стр7 Time to sufferrrr
Chewys Chewys 25Mar гл79 стр6 Don't let me down Cail!! I still remember how you fought against Sakhara and the cowboy guy Lukaro!!! You've got so much more th (...)
Chewys Chewys 25Mar гл79 стр5 Of course you are not!!!!
Chewys Chewys 25Mar гл79 стр4 It certenly isn't the place to talk...

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commander New Topic! 30Oct All comics - Ryak-Lo - Ryak-Lo up to date great story i cant wait of page 14 of chapter 40
TroyB New Topic! 8May Hello and Introducing Ryak-Lo wow you already pûblished nearly 600pages you're craaaaazy :) I like what you do, welcome here :)

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