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Crimson Game

Crimson Game : manga cover

It is said, that one can achieve success but by being at the right place, at the right time. Is this really true?

Shichiro Kurosawa is a 16 year old Highschool freshman, who is about to find out exactly what it means to be at the right place, at the right time, and the devilish cost.

Art by:
Story by:

Раскадровка :

Original Language : English

Обновления : Finished

Жанры : Fantasy - SF

Тип : манга
(Комикс (слева направо))

27 comments in other languages.

nomove4286 nomove4286 22Jun гл1 стр1 good
Dominic Dominic 8Sep гл1 стр12 great Thing you"ve done
Chewys Chewys 15Jul гл1 стр46 Ohhhh!!! That´s who he was!! hehehe
Chewys Chewys 15Jul гл1 стр47 Really nice story!!!!
niconicoYEET niconicoYEET 7Jul гл1 стр44 WOOOOOOOO PLOT TWIST
niconicoYEET niconicoYEET 7Jul гл1 стр33 good so far...
niconicoYEET niconicoYEET 7Jul гл1 стр9 O.O
TDBanimefan TDBanimefan 9Sep гл1 стр45 Those devious demons man, they get you every time. I would never make a deal with them without knowing the price.
TDBanimefan TDBanimefan 9Sep гл1 стр22 Kinda skipped a bit ahead didn't it?
TDBanimefan TDBanimefan 9Sep гл1 стр3 Seems to be the problem with all main characters in anime and manga, but go ahead.
TroyB TroyB 27Dec гл1 стр43 oh the end :)
Gimmick Girl Gimmick Girl 27Oct гл1 стр28 Awesome Pic! Love the detail!
Death-carioca Death-carioca 20Jun гл1 стр47 My honest opinion: The beginning was great, i felt like I was watching the very first minutes of the movie UP, simple, yet, so (...)
Death-carioca Death-carioca 20Jun гл1 стр41 The Generous Man has to be my favourite character in the story. They're all likeable, but a bit flat in personality.
Death-carioca Death-carioca 20Jun гл1 стр40 Generous Man is Generous ^^

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