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Tales of the Interbor

Tales of the Interbor : manga cover

In a world where manipulation has become common currency, is anyone truly in control of their own fate? Welcome to the Winterlands.

Story: Tad
Art: Izzy Stardust

Художник :

Original Language : English

Обновления : On hold

Жанры : Fantasy - SF

Тип : манга
(Комикс (слева направо))


Before reading this манга be aware that it could shock you. It contains :

  • Violence and pornography

3 comments in other languages.

Comic Reader Comic Reader 10Dec гл8 стр16 Great comic so far!
Tad Tad 21Jun гл6 стр25 So who is Aletha? And who is Gor meant to monitor? You can learn the answer to both those questions by reading the short story 'Re (...)
Tad Tad 16Apr гл6 стр1 As the pages were ready early, we're posting early :) Look out for Chapter 6 page 2 tomorrow and Chapter 6 page 3 on Thursday. T (...)

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