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7 комментарии
TroyB 41

Ok looking forward reading the story !

TroyB 01/21/2013 23:02:54   
chikita 2

I put 3 next pages, but it don't show, I don't know why o_o

chikita 01/21/2013 23:43:16   
TroyB 41

Check in your interface

TroyB 01/22/2013 00:01:53   
chikita 2

that say "You can see this page because you're part of the comic team, but for other users, it's still invisible!"- then is visible tomorow? o_o

chikita 01/22/2013 00:04:28   
TroyB 41

Check carefully.... Hundreds of artists have been managing before you... I'm sure you'll find the buttons

TroyB 01/22/2013 00:09:04   
chikita 2

hehe I finnaly find the buttons XD

chikita 01/22/2013 11:11:54   
kathy109 1

I cant what to see it look super awesome and the chocolate look really yummy ;p

kathy109 06/12/2013 02:44:45   

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