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10 コメント
TroyB 41

Hop, new page, and revelation of her name! AT LAST .
300more pages and we'll give you her family name .

TroyB 02/10/2012 17:19:29   
MangaLover2011 1

One question, where'd she get that badass scarf?

MangaLover2011 05/29/2013 20:44:28   
Eddie Nash 6

Yeah, and why are her hands glowing? Does she have Gambit's power?

Eddie Nash 07/09/2014 03:33:01   
Rosa Sekouri 2

I prefer Leila to Wilma ;P sorry Troy

Rosa Sekouri 02/11/2012 17:12:03   
TroyB 41

Rosa Sekouri のコメント:I prefer Leila to Wilma ;P sorry Troy

Héhéhé . By the way, Kostas Ioannidis has translated a lot of Amilova in Greek, have you read it ?

TroyB 02/11/2012 21:20:17   
Smiley 8

Sweet jesus,that dude wanted to kill Ami!
Son of a...
(btw,i have 100% visual memory ,that means i remember faces but not names ).

Smiley 02/11/2012 20:35:26   
TroyB 41

Smiley のコメント:Sweet jesus,that dude wanted to kill Ami!

Leila is here to fix that .

TroyB 02/11/2012 21:20:34   
Son Kenshiro 1

No way... don't tell me... SHE KNOWS HOKUTO SHINKEN!?!?

Son Kenshiro 08/02/2012 19:55:03   
TroyB 41

Son Kenshiro のコメント:No way... don't tell me... SHE KNOWS HOKUTO SHINKEN!?!?

She does, she does .

TroyB 10/05/2012 09:51:14   
forbes 10

I need faster connection. dial-up cheap.

forbes 10/18/2012 22:42:54   
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Amilova: cover




著者 : , ,

チーム : , , , ,

翻訳 : tze

Original Language: Français

公開のペース: 日曜日

タイプ : 和風漫画

ジャンル : アクション

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