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Underneath The Dead City

Underneath The Dead City : manga cover

Below the world of 9-5's and rising taxes is a place for misfits and outcasts. By day, they follow the rules and conform to society's standards. But by night, the 'dump' below the city known as The Well becomes a haven in which to live out their dreams and fantasies.
Balancing these two worlds isn't easy, but these people can't seem to live any other way...

作画 :

Original Language : English

更新日 : On hold

ジャンル : ファンタジー - SF

タイプ : 和風漫画

28 comments in other languages.

OutCast OutCast 9月22日 1章4頁 that moment when you can be super lucky but (...)
mangaAdonf mangaAdonf 1月9日 1章5頁 Héhé... you're welcome!
Pink_Marionette Pink_Marionette 1月8日 1章5頁 Ah, you did this one too! Merci, mangaAdonf (...)
sinhalite sinhalite 5月15日 1章30頁 Nice lyrics^^
Genie Genie 5月4日 1章44頁 Ok maybe I lied, it's that last panel. Ha
Genie Genie 5月3日 1章42頁 That top panel was probably my favourite to (...)
Genie Genie 5月3日 1章43頁 Only one more page to go... ):
Tad Tad 4月18日 1章28頁 I suddenly fear for the lion dudes safety.
Genie Genie 4月15日 1章25頁 One of our most exciting pages to date.
Tad Tad 4月14日 1章20頁 Awesome. You play off each other well. I lo (...)
Genie Genie 4月14日 1章20頁 Characters are hand done inked by me, and t (...)
Tad Tad 4月13日 1章20頁 Awesome. I love the feel of the pages. Are (...)
Genie Genie 4月13日 1章20頁 Yep! :)
Tad Tad 4月12日 1章20頁 Aha! Is this the character from the front c (...)
Pink_Marionette Pink_Marionette 4月12日 1章20頁 XDDDDDD

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