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8 comentarios
Jason Phoenix 7

This is really satisfying for some reason. I guess being able to see Master Gohan kick some Saiyan butt is just the definition of cool.

Jason Phoenix 22/06/2019 20:14:34   
Chewys 26

Yeah i wouldn't say kick his ass, i guess its more like an annoymemt... like a really big and pissing mosquito

Chewys 22/06/2019 20:37:02   
Yienzu 3

Get him with that chip damage Grandpa G!

Yienzu 23/06/2019 22:06:30   
kcheeb 2

this is quite nonsense, considering how vegeta with 24000 could annihilate dodora with 22000. raditz power level more than 5 times gohan. Difference is larger than kaioken x10 goku vs 100% frieza. he should do almost no damage no matter what he does

also raditz took zero damage from mouth blast from haarp, who is stronger than old gohan. this doesnt make sense at all

kcheeb 24/06/2019 11:03:53   
Chewys 26

Consider Raditz's been fighting and flying since he arrived on Earth. He is far from his prime.
Also Haarp's attack was 279 and hit his armor... Gohan charged a 343 units Kame Hame Ha that connected right in the eye... and even still was like a baby punch to the eye for the saiyan.
Gohan has made no damage at all...

Chewys 24/06/2019 13:11:51   
kcheeb 2

ye but gohan base power 228 harp base power 279. so i think harp's attack shouldve been stronger than 343. still dont see how raditz doesnt outright annihilate gohan like he did with harp.

Even djembe (whos weaker than haarp) annihilated gohan easily chapter 8 page 14, so dont see how raditz cant

kcheeb 24/06/2019 23:39:38   
Chewys 26

It´s because Gohan charged a Kame Hame Ha. And Haarp just shot a regular beam. He didn´t raise his power level.

Also give the old man some credit. The diffrence in their power levls it´s much like Krillin with Nappa, and even still Krillin showed some moves. He connected some punchs and marked Nappa´s face. Gohan is making much less than that. Heck! Krllin even made Dodoria hit the ground! And Raditz´s been fighting quite a bit by now!!
At least wait to see the full sequence to decide if it´s plausible or not

Chewys 25/06/2019 02:13:34   
saigne-crapaud 1

that's dragonball kcheeb, if u think like that vegeta and krilin gohan could never stand with frieza before goku heal's in namek,
or tien kikoho would do nothing to semi-perfect cell,
better think that techniques and coordinate's attack can help in fights, or this u9 universe wouldn't stand a chance to survive like they did in dbm anyway,

also u can assume that dodoria only thought and fight being stronger's than his opposant, fighting vegeta being stronger than him make him lose all his confidence and try to run away in the air, the air wich his often a weak position against grounded opponent, vegeta was on the opposite overconfident at this time!

saigne-crapaud 24/06/2019 23:31:23   
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