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Roshi already died once, he can't be brought back!

And I don't think the earthlins went to New Namek in this story!

Besides even if they did go, the dragon balls (or at least they used to) can't bring back anyone who has been dead for more than a year

I really hope he lives. I love his character.

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 17/08/2019 10:16:00   
Chewys 26

They don't know Dragon Balls can't revive people who already died

Chewys 19/08/2019 14:41:23   
John Boredonquixote 8

Either Roshi will increase his muscle mass for a full nelson or he will use Tien's multi form technique. Personally, I would go for the muscle mass

John Boredonquixote 17/08/2019 10:37:17   

That pose is the elektricy move master roshi used against Goku in the finals of the first world martial arts tournament.
Goku only broke out of that because he happened to look up at the full moon and transformed.

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 17/08/2019 10:44:15   
Pixel-Platypus 2

Goku Was around 120 at the time, in great ape 1200. Not sure how effective it will be here.

Pixel-Platypus 17/08/2019 18:48:36   
Falkrum 2

Raditz is 1200, right? And he's weak right now

Falkrum 20/08/2019 03:00:03   
Chewys 26

Raditz is a bit higher than 1200...at least this one (he's had a diffrent story than U18)... maybe around 1350.
But right now, yeah. He's completely weakened...

Chewys 20/08/2019 03:08:12   

If Raditz is a bit stronger, then Vegeta and Nappa could also be stronger.

Also the new page isn't showing in English

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 20/08/2019 14:52:23   
Chewys 26

Nah, Raditz is the only one who had to get a little tougher to manage Coolers transition. Vegeta and Nappa were tough enough.
About the page, it isn't translated. If someome could translate it, it will show. Otherwise i'll do it tonight when i get back home from work.

Chewys 20/08/2019 17:48:26   
Cattivone 2

This is going to be epic.

Cattivone 17/08/2019 10:46:33   
JoKar1007 2

Do they know that of Kami dies, there wont be dragon balls?

JoKar1007 17/08/2019 15:22:07   
Ultimate-Perfection 7

They already should. Krillin and Yamcha trained under Kami for 3 years, so they should have learned about Kami’s origins and his life-link to the Dragon Balls. Goku learned about it during his time on Kami’s Lookout as well.

Krillin and Roshi are very close in this universe, so they would eventually bring it up in a conversation, I’m sure.

Ultimate-Perfection 17/08/2019 15:55:31   
Ultimate-Perfection 7

Oh yeah! It’s the Lightning Flash Surprise Attack! I was wondering when Roshi would use it again, I can tell he is using this instead of the Mafuba, because Chewys used Jackie Chun’s panels. If you look really closely at Roshi’s head outline, you can tell that Roshi’s wig was erased and his bald head was edited back in.,

Roshi is also right about not using the Mafuba. At this point, it’s a highly risky move that can kill the user by expending their small ki reserves. They also shouldn’t become over-reliant on it. The Earth’s heroes need to use their own strength to defeat powerful enemies, and train for any threat that comes. And we all know Krillin is about to use the Kienzan!

Ultimate-Perfection 17/08/2019 15:53:15   

It would be kind of funny for them to seal Raditz, Raditz staying sealed for a year, then accidently being freed. Everyone freaking out like "its Piccolo all over again", only for them to effortlessly trounce Raditz.

but yeah, that would be anticlimactic, the cool thing about this universe is the earthlings solving their problems on their own, Mafuba is one way, but it's not the only wau. Besides Krillin deserves the kill.

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 17/08/2019 16:32:15   
Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 9

Ultimate-Perfection ha dicho:Oh yeah! It’s the Lightning Flash Surprise Attack! I was wondering when Roshi would use it again, I can tell he is using this instead of the Mafuba, because Chewys used Jackie Chun’s panels. If you look really closely at Roshi’s head outline, you can tell that Roshi’s wig was erased and his bald head was edited back in.,

I didn't even notice the Jackie Chun panels being used, but I still knew exactly what he was using (technically didn't remember the name of the technique tho) since he said that the Mafuba isn't a good idea cuz it would screw over future generations AND cuz he also said he'd prevent Raditz from dodging it. The only thing that Roshi could do to prevent a dodge is his technique that paralyzes his foes. The question is can he hold Raditz in a frozen state long enough for the Kienzan to hit? Raditz has already been paralyzed during this fight by Chiaotzu, so he'll know that they're planning to land an attack on him that could help them defeat him possibly, so he'll be trying extra hard to break free. I think this all depends on whether or not Roshi has enough Ki to put into the technique to hold Raditz long enough.

Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 18/08/2019 01:13:56   
Chewys 26

Hahahaha, you are right!!!

Chewys 19/08/2019 14:42:08   
Yienzu 3

This is why the older stuff was so good. It was about who had cool techniques that overcome simple power differences. This teamwork is the best!

Yienzu 19/08/2019 23:56:25   
kcheeb 2

why storing would be bad idea? what future generation? raditz can die of old age in a rice cooker within a few decades or so

kcheeb 07/09/2019 22:43:52   
Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 9

Saiyans live very long lives with their youth in tact and just like how King Piccolo was eventually freed from the Rice Cooker by Pilaf in the original story, it's possible that someone would discover the one Raditz is sealed in and open it whether intentionally due to wanting him out OR accidentally cuz they didn't know that the object had a dangerous individual sealed inside it.

Also we don't know if the one sealed by the Mafuba ages the same as if they were not sealed inside it. Now one may think that King Piccolo being old when he was released in the original proves that the ones inside still age normally, but King Piccolo might've aged due to his life link with Kami. Maybe be life linked to Kami and Kami still continuing to age normally ended up forcing King Piccolo to continue to age normally. Maybe someone other than King Piccolo being sealed away would cease to age as long as they were sealed away.

"Chewys" ha dicho:

Chewys what is your opinion on this matter of Mafuba and the aging process? It's not really proven either way in the original story or in Salagir's DBM if you use the argument that King Piccolo continued aging because of his life link with Kami and not because the Rice Cooker doesn't have any cryogenic properties. So as the writer of this story, I think it's fully in your means to come up with how the Mafuba works in that regards. Does it have cryogenic properties applied to those sealed away with it? Or does the one sealed away continue aging normally?

Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 08/09/2019 12:24:44   

I think the simple answer is exactly what master Roshi said, resorting to the Mafuba every time an enemy shows up they can't defeat would just place the earth at risk. Imagine them sealing Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta, Cooler, Dabura, Bibidi...

That's just asking for problems down the line. Better to defeat, rather than seal. Just imagine all of these people being freed in some accident.

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 08/09/2019 13:08:27   
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