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9 comentarios

Kami: I'm too old for this shit

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 31/08/2019 11:13:13   
saydo 1

saydo 31/08/2019 14:16:36   
Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 9

It's cool that Kami is helping them out and all, but I gotta say that it makes not much sense that he's risking his life when his life is the only thing that allows the DBs to continue existing. If he were to die here, then nobody that was killed by Raditz could be revived especially since nobody knows about Namek and their set of DBs at this point in the story.

Also I would've loved to see a story where Raditz wins, but the DBs revive our heroes, so it's no sweat. It'd also be a great way to explain them getting strong enough to defeat the Saiyans (Vegeta & Nappa) without Goku and then later somehow manage to beat Cooler. Sure one might think that there is no reason for Raditz or Vegeta and Nappa to come back if Raditz wins here, but maybe Cooler could think that it'd be a good idea to conquer this Earth place and maybe recruit any of the remaining strong Earthlings into his Cooler Corps (I'm calling it this cuz Frieza Forces initials are FF, so it'd be cool if the Cooler equivalent was CC [not to be mistaken with Capsule Corporation]).

Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 01/09/2019 13:56:46   

Raditz is planning to "clean the planet" and sell it to some space merchant. Besides, as we've seen in u3, Raditz would eventually find the lookout and come there on his own.

Kami isn't strong enough to stop Raditz on his own and he's not desperate enough to fuse with Piccolo. So what 'else can he do?

Within mayby a week or a month the earth will be wiped clean. The earthlings can't get that much stronger in that short a time and they aren't strong enough to use the HTC

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 01/09/2019 14:23:04   
Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 9

Actually he shouldn't be seeking to retrieve Kakarot to help Kakarot complete his original mission. Raditz in DBZ and all DBM Universes except U3 came to Earth to get Kakarot to come help the Saiyans (Raditz, Vegeta, & Nappa) clear out another planet (unspecified in DBZ, but DBM showed us that it was Helior in the U13 Specials). I'm assuming it's the same mission in this Universe too except in this Universe Cooler gave the Saiyan Trio the orders to clear out Helior instead of Frieza like in the other Universes. They likely like other Universe's counterparts of them realized that 3 Saiyans isn't enough for the task and Vegeta ordered Raditz to retrieve his brother so Kakarot could join them as a 4th member.

So my point still stands with it not making sense that Kami would come help them out unless he for some reason thinks Raditz is here to eliminate all of humanity. Did Raditz even mention that that was why Kakarot was supposed to be on Earth? If Raditz did mention that tidbit at one point or claimed he'd do what his MIA brother was sent here to do before he left Earth, then I guess it makes sense for Kami to join for the assist, but then again still waiting to let Raditz kill everyone and then revive them with DBs so they can train in the HTC and defeat Raditz before he wipes out humanity would've been a smarter plan for Kami to choose in that case. I actually disagree with your assertion that they aren't strong enough to withstand training in the HTC; Goku wasn't strong enough as a kid in the original when his PL was under 200, but he had no issues training on King Kai's planet under 10x gravity with a mere PL of 400 something after being killed by Piccolo when the SPC killed both Raditz and Goku. Yeah I understand the HTC has a limit of 2 people at a time, but the gains that 2 would get from a year of training under 10x Earth's Gravity and the intense rapidly changing temperatures of the HTC would easily be enough for those 2 to defeat Raditz especially if they brought a supply of Korin's Senzu Beans to speed up recovery time between training sessions to allow more training time. I'm sure that Raditz couldn't wipe out all of humanity in a day with his PL and flight speed capabilities if he thought killing 100 hundred humans in a day was enough for Kakarot to prove himself worthy of joining Raditz in leaving Earth in the original series. Raditz was only like 2.5-3x higher PL than Goku in the original series so maybe he could manage to pull off killing 600 humans in a day if he was putting his heart and mind to the task and that's with me assuming he could kill humans 6x more efficiently than he expected Kakarot to pull off in a day's time due to a 3x higher PL and the whole evil morality instead of Kakarot's good morality.

Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 01/09/2019 15:08:01   

Paragraphs man, It's like a wall of text. It hurts my eyes.

Whether they are strong enough to withstand the HTC can be up for debate of course, all we know is that kid Goku "almost died" in there. That said, you'd think the room would have been used earlier by the earthlings when Goku was dead. But they didn't use it, Kami chose to train them another way.

If you go back to when Raditz knows Krillin and master Roshi have reached Yamcha, he considers retreating to regain some engery, only for Nappa to say "What Raditz? you can't be serious, you have gone all the way out there for nothing and now you're planning to run away from some rats? Clean that planet at least! Are you really a saiyan?"

Shut up Nappa! Who's running away? I'll fix Kakarot's mistake right away!

So we know from this exchange Raditz does plan to clean the planet.

Vegeta and Nappa are a year away, as they were in canon, Raditz has all the time in the world to destroy earth. The helior invasion won't happen until Vegeta and Nappa have arrived.

If we go back to the saiyan invasion in u3, when a far stronger Raditz and Gerkin and others invade the earth, and they basicly destroy all the fighters above 100 in instants. Kami, watching this happening, mentions everyone on earth will be dead in 3 days. That's with stronger saiyans and more saiyans.

So we know Raditz needs more than a week to clean the planet and probably around a month. Which means one oozaru transformation for the ride.

We also know from u3 that Raditz found the lookout by "looking higher than the other saiyans had looked", Kami even mentioned he "would be there soon" before fusing with Piccolo.

Now If Raditz had killed all the strong warriors, as he almost did when Kami decided to intervene, he would have looked for higher power levels, he would have found Kami. And then Kami would have to find the dragonballs, while Raditz is after him, without a dragon radar (Bulma has the dragon radar)

So kami would have to evade Raditz for at least a day, then ressurect the earthlings, then throw 2 of them in the HTC, hold out for another day, and hope the earthlins destroy Raditz, knowing that, having just used the dragon balls, everyone who's killed in that day won't be revived, because the dragonballs won't work for a year.

Also what do you mean he shouldn't be looking for Kakarot? Raditz doesn't know Cooler killed his brother. The records from Cooler state that Kakarot was sent to earth as a baby. Cooler never told anyone he was near planet Vegeta when it was blown up. No one knows he killed Kakarot. Raditz thinks his brother was killed by a childhood encounter with an elite of above 300 power.

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 01/09/2019 15:44:37   
Chewys 26

Kami knows he plans on cleaning Earth because Raditz told Tien and Kami was listening. He knows his life is important because of the DB and that's why he didn't interviene sooner. But he did it when he saw everyone was going to die. Raditz was pretty worn out... so he knew this was the best chance they had. He didn't really had a choice: it was now or never.

Chewys 02/09/2019 00:05:30   
Tageule 21

J'attend chaque pasges avec impatiance ! je m'en fiche si cela n'est pas cannon, c'est bien raconté et moi j'aime ça!

Tageule 01/09/2019 21:05:44   
Chewys 26

Hehehe, merçi!!!

Chewys 02/09/2019 00:01:34   
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