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presentation of Erein Aeternallis

Soy mujer, soy fiel seguidora del manga shoujo, oficinista, estudiante de psicología, esposa y madre. =)

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Erein Aeternallis's blog

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Xmas 2013 commemorative image xD

Nicolle and Dylan :D !!!


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Old times...

Tried on some sephia-like/unsatured color right here to set the mood. This is suposed to be of a time when Arturo his sister Anna and their friend Raigmar were little brats xD. I think that only her personality keep untouched and is joyful as always XD. It is told that Arturo there was bullied for having that pink streak on his hair yet being a male, in the other hand Anna was praised for the same reason -her cute pink streak I'm saying- XD!!. Raigmar was a bit of shy and low-profile kid back then. Things turned out the way he's now the center of attention XD

Again, collaboration with Aliz

:iconlittlecakecircle: linearts
:iconvampheria: CGart


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LaFT ^ Bubu and Gertrudiz

Collaboration with :iconlittlecakecircle: She (Aliz) on charge of lineart and me on the coloring.

This features Bubu and Gertrude both characters belong to the shoujo comedy online webmanga Like a Fairy Tale (LaFT for short) which is currently getting published in spanish and english.



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CGed Twins!

Naia + Dylan

That's it :3


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Anxious Naia xD

Muuucho tiempo sin pintar digitalmente, he recordado que hace mucho tiempo que no actualizo la galeria de AM, así que haré dibujitos de ellos. Octubre me pone super creativa, será que fue en octubre cuando comenzamos a escribir la historia xD


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No conozco mucho esta página, así que tengan un poco de paciencia porque no tengo idea de lo que hago .-.


Tranquila, enseguida te haces al sistema y puedes leer o publicar facilmente

Gracias, en esas estoy. D:

LaFT -- Page

LaFT (aka like a fairy tale) Es un webmanga shoujo en el que estoy colaborando en conjunto con :iconlittlecakecircle: Ella hace los dibujos y yo las tramas. Si alguien lo quiere leer, que vamos iniciando con él pues puede verlo en esta dirección xDD

LaFT (aka like a fairy tale) Is a shoujo webmanga I'm currently working in alongside with :iconlittlecakecircle: She's doing the artwork and i'm on charge of tonning. If you'd wanna read it... feel free to click the link below for english versión


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Sketchy Naia

I'm currently on a rush due to college homeworks deadlines, at the same time I realized my brain was about to explode If i'm not drawing something LOL. So, this girl came out. I've been practicin lots of things about story telling when drawing a manga-like work. Felt this is just time to going back to the basics. I'm not always adding details to eye shading. Bad thing (It's because I ink small pannel on generic paper sheets, so when i want to ink eyes carefully the ink lines blend into each other creating a black pit effect ahaha, then I prefer to ink them plain). Perhaps the problem is the inking method itself since It doesnt come out the same whay when detailing eyes with pencil and my pencil is almost same nip size if compared after my ink pen o.O. Whatever.... practicin eye detailing from now on =)


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Regalo para :iconlittlecakecircle: Arturo y Rayman de Like a Fairy Tale. Lo subo a deviant como respaldo XD ya casi no le entiendo a esta web la hicieron muy enredosa 8-)


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Practicando con el lapiz....

Tiempo sin usarlo XDDD!!! Está tal cual lo dejó el scanner no le quise mover no sirve para nada ya >_>


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