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presentation of IDias

Hi, I'm I. Dias and now I'm aspiring to be a professional.
Orium Caspium, my comic, actually, is a group of stories based on the story of the Universe, Infinity style.
You didn't manage to know any of them properly in the first chapter of "The Seal", but my next story will have a real Infinity so you can know them more.
The Infinity are creatures that live for thousands of years unless they are killed. Some of them share the same name and some of the characteristics of mithological creatures. There are some 100% invented Infinity, but you'll know them when the time comes.

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Who can't stand "fan service"?
As long as it's integrated in the story I see no arm. What I hate is too much fanservice, expecially when it comes with a terrible story. But fanservi (...)


New page of Orium Caspium Sacrum Historia

En English, chapitre 1, page


New Projects Hello! I know I am a little absent here but I'm making some projects at the same time.
As you know, I stopped Orium Caspium in order to change the whole 1st chapter in order to look like the book version. There was some problems respeting this version since I used some old versions and now some characters like Astaroth are looking completely different (more like the first concepts than the version I uploaded here) I don't know when it's fixed.
I am writing the comic version of a story I wrote for a contest but it got rejected. They sent me some analisis and now I have the script written in manga studio. It'll be about 50 pages lenght (I can't tell for sure, only when the battle scenes are finished I'll have an expecific idea of it's lenght.
About this specific project, it's one Orium Caspium side stories, and it's settled in Terra, 8 years before the Exodus. I'll try to show how Terra was in it's last years. There is no Medion, or Kat, but an agent of a secret society struggling against an invisible menace (I can't say what is because I'll spoil the story). One of the Orium Caspium main story's characters, Gabriel, the Sealmaster will make his appearance as guest character. Also, it isn't a fairy tale story like the Seal, but a much darker one. If there's a new competition, I'll enter it if I manage to finish it on time.


Thanks for the detailed explanations IDias :) !


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