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Adapting to Night

Adapting to Night : comic cover

[Note: updates to this site are on-hold while we sort out a few internal protocols. Newer posts are on the storywriter's DeviantArt!]

Ever wondered what being a vampire is like? Well, Melody definitely didn't have any plans to discover it. Saved by another vampire, she found herself turned into one, and forced into the world of the night... Four hundred years pass, and now she goes under the name of "Vinyl Scratch". But, her past doesn't seem to stay the past any longer...
Story by
Artwork by
Publishing and translations provided by Nightwave Studios,

助手 :

絵コンテ :

Original Language : English

更新日 : On hold

ジャンル : コメディ

タイプ : 漫画 - Saga

8 comments in other languages.

EmoTrash EmoTrash 11月25日 12章1頁 AWESOME COMIC DUUUUUUUDE!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D (...)
Shaya Shaya 1月16日 1章1頁 A COMIC STRIP WITH MLP OMG I LOVE YOU SO !! (...)
Ailiosh Ailiosh 12月14日 11章1頁 I can't wait to see the next.
aeris aeris 11月2日 1章7頁 Huhu, excellent xD
VinylDarkscratch VinylDarkscratch 9月29日 1章2頁 Muchas gracias~ c:
Rambam Rambam 9月16日 1章2頁 Los ponys siempre son bienvenidos XD

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