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all Because of You

all Because of You : manga cover

All because of you is a web comic about a high school girl  named Moon who later discovers she has magical powers after getting kidnapped by strangers on her way home. she gets rescued by Alec, who happens to know who she really is, she is hesitant and afraid to accept the truth. But knowing what her destiny is,  it's hard to  escape. with little skills and no knowledge of her ability, Moon has to go back to her world, which was once destroyed and reclaim it but first she has to defeat Morgaroth.

Genere: Supernatural / Romance

作画 :

Original Language : English

更新日 : On hold

ジャンル : ロマンス

タイプ : 和風漫画 - Saga

7 comments in other languages.

Tanako Tanako 5月26日 2章11頁 yes guys, you don't have to wait. just visi (...)
Sophie♥ Sophie♥ 11月15日 1章1頁 I'll check it out nothing, girl ! You sould (...)
Tanako Tanako 11月14日 1章1頁 lol really? oh i haven't seen the show. may (...)
Sophie♥ Sophie♥ 10月26日 1章5頁 Continue plz !
Sophie♥ Sophie♥ 10月26日 1章1頁 The girl male me think at Taranee in W.i.t. (...)

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