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inferno 1


inferno 05/04/2011 15:07:05   
TroyB 41

inferno a dit:First!!!

TroyB 05/04/2011 15:39:44   
Sool 15

the racoon tail is cool .

Sool 05/04/2011 23:13:05   
Salagir 32

Everything in life is better with a racoon tail

Salagir 06/04/2011 08:07:17   
Bahamute 2

Man, I liked this,
I think this will be a funny story.

Bahamute 08/04/2011 14:44:22   
Salagir 32

Next page on tomorrow afternoon ! (well, depends on your timezone)

Also the comic is in high resolution now. Just click on the link on top of the page and select 1200px wide

Salagir 08/04/2011 16:09:58   
ichigo 1

A toilet in a pokeball
I've a question, how often do a new page is added?

ichigo 17/05/2011 01:49:32   
Salagir 32

Once per week, every Saturday.

Salagir 18/05/2011 17:14:47   
ichigo 1

Salagir a dit:Once per week, every Saturday.Ok, thanks you, I love this comic!! very funny

ichigo 20/05/2011 02:02:56   
a3thethird 2

the only thing that is absorping is the toiletpaper.... yeah i know this fact is shocking

a3thethird 28/05/2011 00:22:31   
Thegreatsaiyaman 3

Yes i've always wondered why these things have to crash land and now I know!!

Thegreatsaiyaman 18/06/2011 02:13:01   
kittysweet 1

Why there's a toliet?

kittysweet 25/03/2012 07:17:26   
BatBuu 1

I hope this comic will get more chapters and a prequel.

BatBuu 16/03/2015 00:42:44   
TDBanimefan 5

A pokeball? Now that I think about it Yamash also had Ash's clothing. Mixture of dbz, mario, and pokemmon?

TDBanimefan 24/08/2015 17:09:01   
Salagir 32

And pretty much anything.

Salagir 27/08/2015 20:48:29   
cyberknigt 1

not just a Pokéball, but a Pokéball, turned into voltorb, with the angry eyes of the peashooter in plants vs zombies. Also, the supposed button on the pokéball is placed perfectly for the peashooter in PvZ.

cyberknigt 25/04/2019 09:07:46   
hmmmhaa3 1

I think this will be a funny story.

hmmmhaa3 23/07/2022 11:43:23   
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