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Damn... Roshi's still got it!

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 23/11/2019 23:43:39   
TheAGWay 1

Chewys, I just wanted say that I love what your doing with U9! Been reading your comic for a while now but just now made an account!

U9 is getting super interesting with the humans vastly superior fighting skills than their U18 counterparts. I love how you explained why Kami would use the HTC for Roshi and Yamcha because they realize that multiple species are apart of the planet trade, thereby making the threat so much more grave than simply the saiyans as conquerors.
Before you included the HTC training, I was hoping that Yamcha would reach 3500pl like U18 Piccolo with Kami training+Sacred water. However now with the inclusion of HTC I now believe he could go 1v1 vs Nappa or stronger. I also think Roshi will now be strong enough to take on multiple Saibamen at once if in fact in U9 Vegeta and Nappa have saibamen. The trade organization has changed so much under Cooler's leadership that its hard to predict what will happen in this story thus Chewys is able to really make this story his own way. I do hope that Roshi will have his moment of glory because he really deserves it!

I also like how your are having Cui watch Vegeta, which is going to infuriate Vegeta to no end! I think that will lead to Vegeta and Cui fighting, giving enough time for Tien and Co. to get back to Earth! This will also help the humans because Vegeta hasn't had his Zenkai boost so he will be at the level of Cui and thus make the battle close. A wounded Vegeta will go a long way for the Earthlings!
Keep up the terrific work Chewys!!!

TheAGWay 21/12/2019 20:50:13   
TotalmentoTulio 18

Wow, i really didn't touch Cui, it's going to be a big advantage for humans, as well as giving more consistency, but I believe the sayajins will be defeated in a combination of special techniques like kaioken is Bankoku Bikkuri Sho, with attacks masses of power (Genki Lady / Spiritual Bomb). But the universe has changed a lot with the cooler direction, not to mention that he probably has a little clone army of his brother (Freeza) to use as a last resort.

TotalmentoTulio 22/12/2019 17:05:05   
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DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku

DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku: couverture




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Équipe : , , , ,

Traduction par : This....IS MY BOOMSTICK

Version originale: Español

Rythme de publication: Mardi, Samedi

Type : manga

Genre : Action


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