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Ouroboros 28

Poor Megane. ^_-

Hmmm fan service? Will Megane be dressed more modesty in bath?

Will we see some dwarf fanservice aswell? will Megane wonder if she took the wrong bath?

But more important will Lance still remember her name the next morning!

Drad can't wait for the next few updates

btw love the desighn of the innkeeper

Ouroboros 30/10/2011 23:01:45   
Salagir 32

Ouroboros a dit:Will Megane be dressed more modesty in bath? Do you bathe with your clothes on?

Fan service for ever !! \o/

Salagir 01/11/2011 09:33:18   
Ouroboros 28

Salagir a dit:Ouroboros a dit:Will Megane be dressed more modesty in bath? Do you bathe with your clothes on?

Fan service for ever !! \o/

I was refering to the Slayers Anime where where Naga's bathing suite was more modest then her reguliar one

Ouroboros 02/11/2011 17:46:19   
Diogenes Mota 8

Lance's design is too plain here, in my humble opinion. Megane's face is a little weird the last pane as well. About her enthusiasm, it serves you well Megane! Stop dreaming about wild fantasies and go to study and become a little more useful for the team.

Diogenes Mota 31/10/2011 03:03:57   
Igniz 3

Megane's expression on the last panel looks so totally 80's. That face is absolutelly EPIC.

Igniz 31/10/2011 06:11:15   
Salagir 32

In fact, Gogeta Jr and I worked a lot on this face, trying tons of expressions until we had something we liked.
When we don't have the expression right on first try, we're in for 10 minutes of changing eyes, eyebrows and mouth and talk about it.

Salagir 01/11/2011 09:36:38   
Igniz 3

Then let me tell you that you did quite an excellent job.

Igniz 02/11/2011 05:36:49   
Hyp3rB14d3 3

The signs on the dwarf businesses are absolutely hilarious. I'm going to miss them after the adventurers leave.

Hyp3rB14d3 31/10/2011 10:04:02   
Nail Lizardman 1

she is not very modest....

Nail Lizardman 31/10/2011 22:28:50   
johandark 34

Nice Hotel view!!

johandark 01/11/2011 17:33:31   
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