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Dunified 2

Mr. Popo is one of the biggest mysteries in Dragon Ball imo. What the hell is he??

Dunified 16/10/2017 21:31:16   
AnimeChicken 4

He's a Genie simply put and a loyal servant to the Earths Guardian

AnimeChicken 16/10/2017 23:33:34   
Dunified 2

But where does a genie come from. How is he seemingly immortal (I think original DB manga mentions that he's older than Kami himself).

Dunified 17/10/2017 21:06:40   
venuu 19

pecking order. that is what i always wondering, why does piccolo daimaō ever thought he could take over the world as he is weaker than his good half and why he is still weaker when young and his good half is old, can you imagine the diff when his good half was young

venuu 16/10/2017 22:22:33   
Chewys 24

Well, Toriyama states that Kami-Sama can´t suicide himself.
Even if they can easily beat the hell out of Piccolo (as they show when they beat the Hell out of Goku, when he had just finished Piccolo) what could they do? They can´t kill him. They can only beat him. And to what end?
That´s why Kami-Sama and Popo don´t interfere with Earth´s bussiness.

Chewys 17/10/2017 01:17:17   
Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 7

Well to a limited extent they do interfere with it. It seems that the Power Pole was created as a means to allow a worthy warrior, who completed Korrin's training to train even further than that. I mean up until DBZ when Kami decide to allow aircraft to fly to the top of Korrin's tower and even the Lookout, the only way up there was to be climb the tower and then use the Power Pole.

It seems like the Guardian of Earth only interfere's with Earth's business when absolutely necessary to prevent the Earth's destruction. Kami only interfered with Earth's business 7x that we are aware of him doing it.

1) Creating the Dragon Balls in the very first place.
2) Training Goku to be strong enough to defeat Piccolo Jr after he allowed Popo to train Goku.
3) Reviving Shenron after Demon King Piccolo killed him.
4) Trying to seal away Piccolo Jr. with the Mafuba when he took over an Earthling and entered the WMA under the alias of Hero.
5) Restoring the moon sometime after Master Roshi destroyed it.
6) Having Popo train Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, & Chiaotzu and telling Goku about King Kai so Goku could train under King Kai. All this was done to prepare Earth's champions to save Earth from Vegeta & Nappa.
7) His final act as Earth's Guardian: Fusing with Piccolo to help him be strong enough to defeat Cell (not the Androids, just Cell; afterall he was reluctant to do it for just the Androids and never tried to fuse with Piccolo in the original timeline that is Future Trunks' timeline before they killed Piccolo)

Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 17/10/2017 10:21:38   
venuu 19

they still can lock him they should know they mafuba. 2nd i am certain kami and popo would intervene if they have 2. fwy mine theory is kami's real name is piccolo or at least the being that piccolo daimaō and kami original where

venuu 17/10/2017 23:29:20   
Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 7

Ah I am saddened that the last panel of the previous page where Piccolo was flying away didn't also have Popo pulling him back with the Mafuba as honestly that image looked like he was being affected by the Mafuba instead of just simply flying away.

Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 17/10/2017 10:23:29   
Salagir 32

Although it's true, seeing Mr Popo being strong will always disturb me greatly, even in the original real DB

Salagir 13/10/2018 17:16:18   
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