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Swegster 1

I guess maybe in Universe 9 since no Saiyans come (yet) they will still be training and because of no Saiyans coming, they will be able to pass Kami-sama's test and live on (you know the rest)

Swegster 02/09/2017 15:19:57   
Chewys 24

You killed them already in this Universe

Chewys 02/09/2017 18:26:06   
Swegster 1

Wait, I thought Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz are still alive?

Swegster 02/09/2017 18:28:01   
Chewys 24

In Universe 9, yes: Check Cooler`s special (Chapter 4)
In Universe 3: of course they are alive! Them and thousands and thousands of other saiyans. They rule te Universe now.
Raditz is here. Vegeta is new king. And Nappa had a family (Brocco here is his son).

Chewys 02/09/2017 18:35:00   
venuu 19

isn't it kami-sama's? btw why isn't gohan rushing out as well?

venuu 02/09/2017 19:12:17   
Chewys 24

He is right behind Yamcha and Roshi

Chewys 03/09/2017 01:26:41   
venuu 19

would've been great 2 see him there 2. plus when kami-sama?

venuu 05/09/2017 00:23:27   
Salagir 32

So, so... exactly the same!
I can declare now that neither Chewys or me copied the other. We just have great ideas

Salagir 13/10/2018 17:11:47   
Chewys 24

Well... these whole "specials" are based on hints you dropped at the DBM comic. Or at consequences seen in DBM... i may be filling the holes, but i am kinda copying you

Chewys 15/10/2018 23:36:32   
Chewys 24

By the way... is this chapter you are working on a U3 "earth´s events" special? And is there a U9 special? Can´t wait so read them, really... those and U13 Saiyans on Namek.

Chewys 15/10/2018 23:45:59   
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