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Escritora e ilustradora de sus propias historias desde que tiene memoria, también se atreve a llevar a la vida a sus personajes por medio del cómic.



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Finally I completely repainted Cassandra’s face. (2 times!>.<) And this is the final one.

The head had stains around the mouth caused by the previous paint. Also the eyebrows zone had stains. So I protected the head with the mr. super clear and covered them the best I could.

The new paint is gouache + pastels + watercolour pencils. Watercolour pencils is the best for painting tiny details.

De ltnnog - Post original


I’m fixing Cassandra’s lips (and put new eyelashes) and going to sand and modify Syrma’s eyes to start painting her :3

De ltnnog - Post original


Practicing geometry… (lots of fun!)

A sort of tarot-sized box for a class project. The image featured is one of the 15 quick watercolours inside the box :3

De ltnnog - Post original


The Lady of the Sky, aka “Le Serpent” Done! :D

De ltnnog - Post original


The Lady of Sky

A quick painting of Aeria, Arundier from my novels and stories.
It was painted in B&W at SAI (only 1 layer!!) and then coloured in PS (with some layers)

Also EV theme - "Le Serpent"

Buy prints HERE

More in the series:


De http://monica-ng.deviantart.com - Post original


4th WIP of the EV theme “Le Serpent”, with my character Aeria and her spirit companion Chio

SAI, one layer.

Now… the colours! :D

De ltnnog - Post original


The first drawing on my new moleskine. The Storyteller from #MoonSlayer with a hookah OwO

EDIT: Just noticed that the date says 2012! LOL. I forgot that it’s 2013 already XD

De ltnnog - Post original



spartacus blood and sand —> spartacus. sacramentum gladiatorum

Andy, the perfect Menkar T.T

De ltnnog - Post original


Working hard!

De ltnnog - Post original


I hate, hate and hate the system! I just discovered that the english and blank pages were messed up! >__ <

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