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5 comentarios
Chewys 26

So sorry! I´ve just come back from work and managed to translate it.
You probably already saw the spanish version :P

So sorry! Enjoy!

Chewys 29/03/2019 01:02:39   
Ultimate-Perfection 7

No apologies necessary, Chewys! You and your team take so much time out of your daily lives to bring us this amazing fan comic. Even Salagir himself says that this comic is superb, and is very similar to his own version of Universe 9!

I know Raditz is supposed to be the enemy, but I do feel bad how he has come to realize that his poor brother Kakarot never survived past infancy. It's quite tragic. Raditz had all the hopes of going to Earth to reunite with Kakarot and help avenge his race, just like in every alternate universe (though Goku never felt the same way about meeting his evil brother, unfortunately!).

But, unlike those other universes, he no longer exists in this one. He traveled all this way, for nothing! Raditz's only hope now is to be able to defeat the Earthlings, quickly conquer Earth, and somehow be able to sell the planet to the Planet Trade Organization, and be extremely hopeful that he does not get charged with insubordination for disobeying Lord Cooler.

Ultimate-Perfection 29/03/2019 01:25:53   

Thanks for your work, Chewys!
At any rate, Tien is above 400 just by removing his heavy clothes (as was Goku), if he power-ups he would definitely reach at least 800-900 (Goku and Piccolo were above 1300). As Raditz was 1500 in our timeline (he may be stronger or weaker here), I think a Kikoho would severely injure him, especially if Chaotsu paralyzes him. In my opinion, Raditz is done for, despite his strength. The earthlings possess very haxed techniques (Tayoken+paralysis+kienzan/Kikoho is the ultimate combo, imo).

MATTIA IL DIVINO 29/03/2019 19:46:53   
Ouroboros 27

haxed techniques? Maybe but it is still better then super sayian hairygodorwhatever

Ouroboros 29/03/2019 20:54:04   
Ultimate-Perfection 7

I think Goku and Piccolo's power levels only rose that high, because they were mostly concentrating their energy into one particular spot on their body . So, even though their power levels were only in the mid-400's, they could use their supercharged attacks as a force multiplier to make up for their lack of strength (Goku's Super Kamehameha was 950, Piccolo's Makankosappo was 1330 and later 1440). They still struggled immensely with fighting Raditz despite this. Piccolo had only managed to damage Raditz's armor and singe his shoulder with the 1330 level Makankosappo, simply because Raditz was so fast and reactive. It took the power of an enraged Gohan to actually hurt Raditz enough for Goku and Piccolo to get the upper hand on him.

Obviously, there is no angry Gohan, demon Namekian prince with an incredibly powerful drill beam, and no heroic, Earth raised Saiyan to defeat Raditz as quickly. Our heroes in Universe 9 are going to have a much tougher fight, unless they all work together simultaneously and use their specialized techniques, since their base power levels alone, even when combined are not high enough to stop him.

Ultimate-Perfection 30/03/2019 18:08:58   
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Traducido por : This....IS MY BOOMSTICK

Versión original: Español

Ritmo de lanzamiento: Martes, Sábado

Tipo : manga

Género : Acción


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