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Ouroboros 27

And without a leader the country starts a 200 year civil war.

Ouroboros 05/03/2019 10:20:37   
Chewys 26

Nah, Haarp didn't have any military force (neither he needed one), so the nearby kingdoms will just claim and split the lands

Chewys 05/03/2019 15:35:19   
Jason Phoenix 7

I doubt any reading is higher than Haarp's, I guess if they've been training it could be, but considering both Tien and Krillin know the Kaioken at least one of them dies, so we know how this'll turn out I guess...
He probably doesn't think Kakarot has that high of a power level considering the planet is still full of life.

Jason Phoenix 05/03/2019 12:38:22   
Chewys 26

Haarp was the strongest 9 years ago... but remember the guys have trained with Kami ever since. Without the heavy clothes i assure you Yamcha, Tien and Krillin are stronger than he was.

Chewys 05/03/2019 15:38:47   
John Boredonquixote 8

Is there any chance that Raditz mistakes Yamcha for Kakarot?

John Boredonquixote 05/03/2019 13:50:54   
Chewys 26

Of course!!!

Chewys 05/03/2019 15:31:52   
Atan 3

"Alas Poor Haarp! I knew him!"

Atan 05/03/2019 20:21:03   
AnimeChicken 5

No new page today Chewys?

AnimeChicken 07/03/2019 18:36:52   
Jason Phoenix 7

Could it be back to two pages a week?

Jason Phoenix 07/03/2019 18:53:23   
Chewys 26

Nono, sorry.
The page is Up (if you check the Spanish version you'll see it) but i couldn't translate it yet. When i get back home tonight i'll do it.

Chewys 07/03/2019 19:43:40   
RegiFist 1

RegiFist 30/05/2019 10:33:46   
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Sobre el equipo de DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku

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Traducido por : This....IS MY BOOMSTICK

Versión original: Español

Ritmo de lanzamiento: Martes, Sábado

Tipo : manga

Género : Acción


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