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Ultimate-Perfection 7

Haarp, nooooooooo! You may have grown a little stronger since the last chapter, but nowhere near enough to challenge Raditz! Don't do it, you have so much to live for!

Ultimate-Perfection 26/02/2019 19:49:34   
Jason Phoenix 7

Huh, never took him for a dictator. What is this place really. His kingdom? Is it his own country? Does he have any laws? Does he even know what he's doing, besides boats and hoes? Does he have a militia? Has anyone tried to kill him before? Is there even any male living there or is it just a castle filled with women? Is it a pseudo-democracy or full on monarchy? If he has his own country/citadel, how has Gero not found it yet?
Why am I still talking?

Jason Phoenix 27/02/2019 16:14:28   
Chewys 26

Ok, i´m gonna answer this :P

>It´s a small kindom: he conquered it by killing the previous monarch, a fine martial artist named Lei Wu (taking some of Dragon Garow Lee´s lore :P).

>That´s his palace now, and there´s a small village at the foot of the mountain that provides him supplies and some luxuries. And some farms here and there. Territory is small and only one road accesses it and connects it to other villages.

>His only laws are: Do as i say and you shall have no troubles. If any bandit or anyone else bothers you, let me know and i´ll kill them. Also, pretty girls can live in the castle with me and they´ll have all the luxuries they want.

>He doesn´t need any militia. He is his own militia.

>Yes, over the time some have challanged him. Before the tournament two nearby small kigdoms tried to conquer "Haarpatan", and avenge Lei Wuu. Haarp wasted their armies and made them swear loyalty to him.
Some heroes have come too: warriors payed by some villagers or the defeated kingdoms to get rid of him, or some errant warriors who heared of him in the nearby villages and wanted to test their strengh and become famous. None survived.

>The casttle is filled with his women, but also servants. Some are males.

> Morarchy.

>The Earth is very big. There are many small kingdoms that go unnoticed. And a little spy bot can´t find them all. Also Gero still hasn´t managed to make good energy detectors. So to caught Gero´s atention you would have to go to a Tenkaichi Budokai (where there is always a spy-bot lurking) or make a major mess on the planet (like destroying cities or having a HUGE energy sigature)


>Technically you were writing

Chewys 04/03/2019 18:24:32   
Ouroboros 27

Sorry for the late respons, but it sounds like something Oolong would have had was he never stopped

Ouroboros 29/03/2019 21:02:05   
Chewys 26

Hahahaha. I thought so too

Chewys 29/03/2019 21:22:30   
90ralz 1

One of these women look like Lanfan of the tournment

90ralz 27/02/2019 23:07:01   
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