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Hi! Monique here, calling from the wilds of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. I hope you enjoy UNA Frontiers, my labor of love for the last twenty years, and if you want to see more titles here, just shout!

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Nouvelle sortie sur U.N.A. Frontiers

En English, chapitre 11, page 26


Page 18 of the latest chapter had an error, its lower half was actually the half of the next page and what was supposed to be there wasn't. That has now been corrected.


Thanks for letting us know ;)

Sorry for the break in pages, more have just been uploaded.


Oh btw some infos on how to use your blog with FULL POWER :) http://www.amilova.com/en/news/details/236.html

Here's another bit of woodburning stuff! When you have a blank wooden SPOON! just waiting to be decorated, who better than the Tick?


Excellent again ;).

I also do woodburning!


Wow ! Triple Wow ! It's awesome !!!

In memory of those who served, whether on two legs or four.


OK, does this pic work? This is the cover for the print edition of Vol. 1. Currently it's undergoing some reworking, so if you're thinking of buying, you might want to wait.


I can see the picture just fine. :)

Works fine, thanks for the share ;)

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