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Eskhar 31

Ooooowoooo !!
I don't know who you are, secret translator, but I thank you SOOOO much !!! >w <
So here it is, a whole bunch of new pages \o/

Eskhar 13/05/2014 23:21:29   
Eskhar 31

I have some news for you !

Since Psychomantium has hitten 1000 fav already, we have a (sexy) FANART CONTEST !

Until 31st May 2014, you can draw a fanart :

- only one character on the drawing (and he or she - or it ? xD - must be frome from Psychomantium, it can be the hero as well as the armless girl, or Bobby the big spiky monster ! whoever you want !)

- Theme : sexiness !! (that part must be the hardest one :3)
(It doesn't mean character must be naked... he/she/it can but... be imaginative ! \o/)

- Submit by sending your fanart to me by message on amilova, on by mail at skaddraw[AT]hotmail.fr

1. the winner will receive a drawing made only for them ! (they can ask me whichever character they want : a fanart from a well known manga, one of their own character that they would like to see drawn with my style, ...)

2. the character drawn by the winner will do a strip tease in 5 steps for the Sexy Contest against the comics "Myths and Legends" (ok that one is just pure craziness ! but il will be fun! )

So if you want to see one of my characters do a strip tease... choose your victim !

If you're on facebook, you can see some wip of the submitted drawings here :
(sorry, nothing's in english)

Eskhar 13/05/2014 23:55:49   
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Psychomantium: couverture




Auteur :

Équipe :

Traduction par : Lucy_Hearthet

Version originale: Français

Type : manga

Genre : Fantasy - SF


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