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debyoyo 35

Très bon chapitre rempli de mystère, vivement le prochain. J'espère que tu as encore plein d'idées et de nouveaux chapitres en tête

debyoyo 17/09/2012 08:55:50   
johandark 34

debyoyo a dit:Très bon chapitre rempli de mystère, vivement le prochain. J'espère que tu as encore plein d'idées et de nouveaux chapitres en tête

Le chapitre suivant doivent encore être traduits, mais il se bloque sur Amilova. hehe

Prenez le temps d'être publié afin hehe. Mais je pense qu'il plaira à de nombreux lecteurs.

johandark 17/09/2012 10:55:02   
Tsuyoi Imo 26

JohanDark : j'ai déjà traduit tout le chapitre 14, après je ne sais pas si tu as déjà publié le chapitre 15...

I've already translated the whole chapter 14, I don't know if you've already uploaded chapter 15, but i can't see it...

Tsuyoi Imo 27/10/2012 15:07:46   
johandark 34

Chapter 14 will be the last chapter of Arkham probably... since Amilova have crushed his contracts and I have to find a new job to survive, probably I will do the 15th chapter step by step, but it will be slowly than usual...

It´s a pity, but amilova has not enough readers to survive....

johandark 28/10/2012 02:05:03   
Marialexie 50

Amilova have enough readers but not enough people ready to pay the authors

Marialexie 28/10/2012 06:47:52   
johandark 34

Not even enought free readers, if there would be a lot of readers, (like submanga, or subcultura.es) Probably Amilova would not have so much problems. But this page is young and it needs time, but I don´t have that time...

johandark 28/10/2012 10:44:47   
Marialexie 50

Sorry, I hope you'll find a job and time to draw Arkham as well (little by little)

Marialexie 28/10/2012 12:07:26   
Tsuyoi Imo 26

EN : Maybe you're right, maybe there's not enough readers. But i personally try to help this project as much as i can, by buying 1 month premium each with my mobile, by not deleting the ads even though i'm premium, to come and talk as much as possible here, by translating your comic, etc... It takes me time, but i'm proud to help such great people and project. I think that every single user who can afford it should do the same.
Your choice is perfectly understandable, everyone needs to survive but please, do not stop your project, don't stop Arkham. Your Comic is one of the website's most read (and my favorite^^), so if you stop it, many people may stop coming on the site, it would be a real disaster. I know that nowadays, Amilova is not as healthy as a few months ago, and that a few comics are being released slower than usually, but no author should stop their project (or only if it is the end of their story) because it would have really serious consequences on the whole website.

FR : Tu as peut-être raison, peut-être qu'il n'y a pas assez de lecteurs sur le site. Mais moi personnellement, j'essaie d'aider ce projet autant que je le peux, en prenant un abonnement premium un mois avec mon forfait tous les mois, en laissant les pubs activées même si je suis premium, en participant aussi activement que mon temps libre me le permet, en traduisant des BDs etc... Ça me prend du temps, mais je suis fier de pouvoir aider, à mon échelle, un projet aussi incroyable et des gens aussi investis et plein d'ambitions. Je pense que chaque utilisateur qui en a les moyens, tant financièrement que temporellement, devrait faire pareil.
Ton choix est parfaitement compréhensible, tout le monde doit survivre, mais je t'en prie, n'abandonne pas ton projet, ne laisse pas tomber Arkham. Ta BD est l'une des plus lues sur le site (et ma préférée) donc si tu l'abandonnes, certaines personnes risquent d'arrêter de fréquenter le site, ça aurait de lourdes conséquences pour le site tout entier. Je sais qu'au jour d'aujourd'hui, Amilova n'est pas en aussi bonne santé qu'il y a quelques mois, et que certaines BDs sont publiées avec un rythme très ralenti (comme Amilova) mais aucun auteur ne devrait arrêter son projet (sauf si l'histoire est arrivée à sa fin bien sûr) car cela aurait de très graves conséquences pour tout le site.

Voilà, désolé pour le pavé.

Tsuyoi Imo 28/10/2012 18:03:09   
johandark 34

I really apreciate your effort, your help, and all your time spend on this comic more than you can even imagine.

The most afected on this failure in part is me, who I spent a lot of hours, days and months on this project with more than 250 pages.

It´s not easy.

But mantain a project with less than 3 pages per week is not any productive and readers doesn´t even apreciate it, so there´s no use in that method.

But I can´t leave the story as it ends in chapter 14, that´s true, so I will try to end the 15th chapter ... In fact I don´t know if it would be better or worse... but... it´s all I can do, and it will be a good exercise for my new knowledge of the new program, Manga Studio ex 4 that I´m learning now.

Thanks for all, and well... it´s not yet a goodbye... There´s a lot of days since all pages will be uploaded... probably next year, so... Who knows what else can happen since that moment? ^^

thank you

johandark 29/10/2012 00:07:31   
Tsuyoi Imo 26

I can guess how hard it is and how long it takes you to draw this manga, but you can't decently leave the story at the point it is... I WANT TO KNOW THE END!!!

And i don't agree with you. Ok, people is a bit disapointed about the releasing rhythm because they can't wait knowing what is going to happen, but they really appreciate what you do, they encourage you, and you even got fans! (at least 2, including me^^). Even if it only is 3 pages a week, people won't yell at you because it's too slow, we're not in a chinese factory! Moreover, most of Amilova's comics have a release rate of about 2 or 3 pages a week, so it's quite normal.

Tsuyoi Imo 30/10/2012 11:52:42   
Marialexie 50

Totally agree with Tsuyoi imo !! Take your time to draw but don't leave the story !

Marialexie 30/10/2012 12:01:43   
Marialexie 50

I can understand how you feel. I'm an author as well so I know what is it to spend many hours on a page. I understand how hard its is to not have much support from readers. But trust me when I say you have true fans. As I say to you at Japan Expo I like Arkham very much and I can't wait to have it in book or Ebook. So please take all the time you need to draw but don't leave the comics. If you need holidays ok, If you draw only one page a month OK ! True fans can understand that, the others...just f*ck them !

Marialexie 30/10/2012 12:09:52   
johandark 34

Well... time has not arrived yet jeje... I don´t know what I will do on Genuary, by now I´m learning a new program such as Manga Studio EX4 to try to improve my drawing and inking skills.

The basic thing is that I did not projected ARKHAM roots as a simple free webcomic, from the beginning I intented to make this to my rocket for to be a professional comic artist, that´s why I worked so hard to do 5 pages per week.

The thing is that if now I just publish one page per week, it will be just only a "hobby", and that´s the last thing I want. And by another way... I made this story too long for no enough readers, Amilova has crushed and broken my contract with them (for obvious reason of lack of money), and a lot more things that are probably more personals than anything.

I´m now publishing this comic step by step in another parts to try to make people come here too, to see if this comic has future or not...

But well... Time to time... I promise I will end chapter 15 for sure. Later that... I don´t know yet... But surely I will not continue it if it´s just a Hobby... Sorry for all my readers, but I´m trying to be a profesional (even if it is only a dream and I am a dreamer, I trust I will do archive it someday).


and Arkham Roots it´s not over (yet).


johandark 30/10/2012 12:56:16   
Tsuyoi Imo 26

Well, when we see your drawing and inking skills, we can already think you're a professional but apprently not yet^^ But if you stop Arkham after chapter 15 to have more time to become a professional, nothing refrain you from retrieve it later and finish this project. Maybe as your first as-professional finished project^^

Tsuyoi Imo 01/11/2012 18:09:11   
johandark 34

jejeje I hope it so... But I prefer to be pesimist, than be too optimist and lie you all. It all depends on time and much more things... but as I said... Time to time... I don´t know what will happen to me in three months... xD

Thanks for commenting


johandark 02/11/2012 01:23:49   
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ARKHAM roots

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Type : manga

Genre : Fantasy - SF


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