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kirma 3

its over already

kirma 09/05/2012 14:04:46   
Flamby 23

kirma a dit:its over already

The french version is still (slowly) going on ^^

Flamby 10/05/2012 23:51:55   
VinylDarkscratch 1

My team and I are working on translating more of the pages. We've finished up to page 8, but since our French translators are a little booked with school work, it's going a little slower than we hoped for! >~ <

VinylDarkscratch 30/09/2015 22:43:27   
MrSnowWolf 1

Why no more English version?

MrSnowWolf 04/04/2013 23:21:41   
Fruit 6

We need some time to translate it ^^'.

Fruit 05/04/2013 08:59:43   
lobenmai 1

Maybe I could help with the process.

lobenmai 06/04/2013 12:05:33   
Flamby 23

Well if you can do it, or know someone, we'd be glad and thankfull ^^ I spend too much time drawing the comic so I can't really translate it myself. And I havent' got any news from the person who was originally doing it :/

Flamby 06/04/2013 13:59:49   
lobenmai 1

A lot of my friends speak French, and I speak Spanish/Italian, so it should be pretty simple.

lobenmai 06/04/2013 21:00:39   
Flamby 23

Aww, thank you then ^w^

Flamby 07/04/2013 00:01:29   
lobenmai 1

Just my type of story (the wolf demon) so I'm glad to help!

lobenmai 07/04/2013 02:32:38   
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