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Ouroboros 27

Every snes player knows this, strangely the net had a better reflection change then the sword when i first played the game back in the mid 90's

Ouroboros 21/10/2018 08:28:49   
venuu 19

i already was wondering aboot the net joke, as i never have played any Zelda game, i wonder is just the SNES ones or all the Zelda games?

venuu 21/10/2018 20:49:20   
Salagir 32

There is only one way to know! Test all! (or do a small google search, but that's not fun)

Salagir 10/11/2018 12:52:56   
venuu 19

I have seen some LP's, but for some reason the Zelda games never hold mine interest for a long time, even if it is someone who i usually like watching play it.

venuu 23/11/2018 23:53:19   
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