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Not really much to say about me. I love art, and I love stories. Just here to help wherever I can! Oh yes, I'm also running a team of translators to help whenever possible!

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Offering Translations for Comics and Amilova.com
Heh I am not so arrogant to ask of you to translate the abominations that i created. Although it would be cool to see them in french (and see how low (...)




Adaptándose a la noche

Capítulo: 1 página: 2


Offering Translations for Comics and Amilova.com
Recently, my team of translators and I have been working on the translations of our own comic, Adapting to Night. However, I'm wanting to give them s (...)

Offering Translation
Hey Dethbeast, Thank you for offering your services! We've been wanting an Arabic translator, actually~ Are you booked? - VD, Nightwave Studios

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