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5 comentarios
Shada 1

This manga is amazing in emotion and character build up. We already know that the dad is going to die soon and the build up is exceptional, I dread to think how he is going to die what could possibly upset the "perfect" family!

Shada 15/04/2011 01:30:16   
Thegreatsaiyaman 3

Yep! I respect the dad now, so determined for his girl that he took an extra 3 or so years of school.

Thegreatsaiyaman 16/04/2011 02:19:25   
gui19900221 3

Well, he must have been really in love with Amilova's mother, to go through medical school just to be with her. But I guess that in the end, no one can complain - especially Amilova.

gui19900221 16/04/2011 23:25:08   
SlicerInferno 1

damn no wonder shes has this i'm-in-love-with-Hugo-no-matter-how-many-times-he-cheats-on-me shit in her head her father spoke about love to her at age 6?!!!!

SlicerInferno 23/10/2011 03:17:49   
Eddie Nash 6

She's 9 there, not 6.

Eddie Nash 06/07/2014 04:39:20   
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