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Ouroboros 27

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPK9RsVYAo0 before its to late

Ouroboros 30/03/2019 16:42:44   
Chewys 26

♬"R-r-r-r-ra ra ra Raditz the menace,
R-r-r-r-ra ra ra ra Raditz the menace,
tu turutuuuu "♪ ♪ ♫ ♪

Chewys 30/03/2019 17:00:16   
John Boredonquixote 8

John Boredonquixote 31/03/2019 15:33:41   
Yienzu 3

Super stoked about this! I always wanted the Z team to join in on the fight with Raditz. Tien in particular with his multitude of techniques that can help bridge the power gap.
Keep up the good work!

Yienzu 30/03/2019 18:12:55   
Ultimate-Perfection 7

Another chapter! Woohoo! I have a bad feeling that the Z-Fighters will get a Pyrrhic victory during this fight. One of them is going to end up dying; likely Tien or Krillin.
The DBM novel says that Tien and Krillin died and eventually traveled across Snake Way and trained with King Kai and learned the Kaioken. They would definitely have needed that handy technique early on for facing Vegeta and Nappa.

I'm curious as to who would have died first.

@Yienzu Don't forget about Krillin! His Kienzan/Destructo Disc may take a while to charge up, but it's an incredibly deadly technique as well. Hopefully he learns to use it more effectively later on after training with King Kai. Maybe he could be powerful enough to use it together with the Solar Flare/Taiyoken and Kaioken, like he did against Hirudegarn in DBM! Obviously it did nothing to Hirudegarn since he can turn into smoke to avoid attacks, but any opponent that can't regenerate is toast against it!

Ultimate-Perfection 30/03/2019 18:21:42   
Jason Phoenix 7

Well since we ARE introducing DB to science fiction...

Raditz: Have you ever heard of the tragedy of Lord Freeza the Wise?
Tien: The who in the wha-
Raditz: It is not a story you earthlings would know... You see it all started back when-
Raditz: You will try...
Raditz pulls out a dual-bladed lightsaber and Duel of the Fates starts playing in the background
Chiautzu: I have a bad feeling about this...

Jason Phoenix 30/03/2019 21:10:10   
luca1 2

I have a bad feeling about the fact that only Tien and Chiautzu are on the cover... Will they kill Raditz off before the rest of the warriors appear ? Or will it be a full chapter before they arrive meaning the whole fight will be very very long?

luca1 01/04/2019 09:45:05   
Ander228 1

Well it is taking at least 2 people to block Raditz

Ander228 01/05/2019 01:29:15   
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