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HyperSonic_1985 2

I wonder are the Characters stronger than there were in canon at this point?
I bet that by the time Raditz arive they will be strong enough to battle him.

HyperSonic_1985 27/02/2018 19:09:38   
AnimeChicken 5

Yamcha trained with Grandpa Gohan and He and Krillen both drank the ultra divine water so I would say they are stronger but ..Tien is most likely slightly stronger but not as huge of a gap as Krillen and Yamcha..as for Chouzu he's probably the same level

AnimeChicken 27/02/2018 23:29:49   
Chewys 26

By far!!! At this point both Yamcha and Krillin have climbed Karin and trained really hard with both Master Roshi and Son Gohan. They are both on par with canon Goku and Ten Shin Han.
And Ten is even stronger, he´s been pressing his limits fighting Piccolo´s offspring.

If you want to get an idea on the power levels, go check the chapter "The invasion", where the saiyans throw the numbers of their scouters.

Chewys 28/02/2018 01:38:04   
AnimeChicken 5

That what I love about this story and U9 as a whole Chewys I always felt Tien Yamcha and Krillen had such high potential that went to waste if you think about it Goku trained with Kami and he went from 260 to the upper 300's in 3 years while Tein went from the 250(weaker than Goku was before training) to over 1800 in just one year..not 3 one. Even if you take into account Tein having training partners it still a much larger jump in power..the only thing that separates a Saiyans potential from a humans is transformations..thats it.

AnimeChicken 02/03/2018 18:45:19   
venuu 19

not individuality but together they should be able

venuu 28/02/2018 01:53:17   
venuu 19

that masked guy reminds me a bit of Mr. Dappterton

venuu 28/02/2018 01:54:20   
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