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NanaJ 16

I can see you had a lot of fun drawing your comic )
Maybe you should enlarge the letters a bit, 'cause it hard to read.
What are you using for the coloring?

NanaJ 22/10/2011 09:05:14   
babee 15

I using "Smoothdrawn3", but if you have a grafic tablet the result more better! ;p About the letters I want bigg to, but if is more biggest, the cartoons dont see good I try in another time but if you see the page 13 the letters is better, I don´t undersant what happened because the pages have the same treatment...

thanks NanaJ ;P

babee 28/10/2011 20:24:21   
Michaël 22

Very nice in color! I like it!

Michaël 28/11/2011 20:27:52   
babee 15

Michaël ha dicho:Very nice in color! I like it! Thanks!

babee 29/11/2011 01:44:25   
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