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3 comentarios
Chajiro 7

Hey FRD, Emily is really mute, or just she don't want to talk? And if she is mute, there is a story about it?

Chajiro 20/08/2016 20:56:16   
FRD 16

Yes, she is mute (i will explain later why, around 10 pages i guess).
Also I'm working on two others stories, one focus on Rika and another one about Emily's past (how she became mute and she lost her memory).

P.S: sorry for my late answer but i didn't get an alert about your comment :'(

FRD 24/08/2016 18:00:56   
Chajiro 7

No problem, man. I didn't even notice until today. And the Rika and Emily's stories sounds amazing!

Chajiro 27/08/2016 03:25:50   
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