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Chocolate with Pepper

Chocolate with Pepper : manga portada

Chocolate with Pepper

Part 1: The story takes place in the 1920s in a lovely small town called Ventura, in Brazil. Its economic growth depends on a local chocolate factory called “Bombom”, which is very famous for its chocolate.
Ana Francisca is a beautiful young girl, but she is from a poor family.
She hides her beauty with big glasses, old hairstyle, and outdated clothing. She lost her parents not too long ago and moved to Ventura to live with her other family members.
In that family, there are her Grandma Carmen, Uncle Margarido, Cousins Marcia and Timothy, and Dalia, who was accepted into the family.
Ana helps out at home until she is accepted a job to work as a janitor at the Chocolate Factory after school. There she meets Ludovico, the factory owner who pretends to be one of the workers at the factory. Ludovico returns to Ventura to investigate his greedy sister Jezebel, who lives like a queen after taking over the factory.
While Ana’s in Ventura, she falls in love with Danilo, the town’s flirt who has dated almost every girl in town. However, his main love interest is the beautiful girl, Olga. Although he says he’ll never fall in love, will that possibly change after meeting Ana Francisca?
Part 2: I’ll put up the rest of the summary after I finish the first part.
*I’m only the artist of this; the story is a romantic comedy based on a Brazilian soap opera by Walcyr Carrasco.
I hope you enjoy it and have fun! ^o^

Dibujante :

Versión original : English

Actualizado en : En pausa

Género : Comedia

Tipo : manga
(Cómics occidentales (lectura de izquierda a derecha))

175 Comentarios en las páginas de Chocolate with Pepper

anexllosa anexllosa 17jun ch1 p9 :P ho ho ho me la imagina con esa risita de rica :P
chikita chikita 17ago ch1 p6 jaja XDD Muchas gracias por traducir mi manga ^_____^
Rambam Rambam 14ago ch1 p6 Mayordomo troll XDDD

175 comentarios en otros idiomas.

minoupower minoupower 21mar ch9 p29 Whhhhyyy!!!??? X'DDD
minoupower minoupower 21mar ch9 p7 OMG XD whut???
minoupower minoupower 21mar ch8 p15 Oh! Sexy. ;P
minoupower minoupower 21mar ch6 p11 wow!!! OnO
minoupower minoupower 21mar ch4 p30 J'adore! OuO
minoupower minoupower 21mar ch4 p27 bambambam!!! XD
minoupower minoupower 21mar ch2 p11 sooo...Cute! :D
MissPicouli MissPicouli 20ene ch1 p18 Très jolis dessins ! Le gâteau ressemble énormément à une maquette !
Fenrys Fenrys 17sep ch1 p14 Depuis quand des lunettes empêchent d'avoir de jolis yeux ? Si vous me dîtes qu'elle porte des lentilles après je me pends x)
Showarnfull Showarnfull 13jul ch4 p15 J'ai beaucoup aimé lire cette histoire, j'espère qu'il y aura une suite :)
Natsu x Natsu x 26may ch1 p1 Aww I love this manga!! Keep it up xx ;D
choco-lach choco-lach 29abr ch4 p4 Nope. You ded. Psychopatique Anna win. Ptin j'viens de créeer une creepy pasta toute seule. BUHAHAHAHAHAAHA. sorry a'm not so (...)
Erazade Erazade 29abr ch4 p4 Replay XD
choco-lach choco-lach 29abr ch4 p4 Et comme Erazade c'était arrêter pour acclamé la mort atroce d'Olga, Anna en profita pour la poignardée à mort dans un rire de psy (...)
Erazade Erazade 29abr ch4 p4 Voui ! Brûle, Olga ! Mouhahahaha ! (je crains que tu ne m'ai entraînée avec toi...)
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