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Darius 22

God... I deeply hate Amilova...

Support Eatatau by becoming a patron and get special contents!

Darius 19/06/2014 02:18:59   
Gildor 31

She's nake, full of rituals to summom souls.

And even with that you manage to make it funny. She's definitely a beginner...

What is the matter with amilova?

Gildor 19/06/2014 02:55:49   
Darius 22

Bugs... bugs everywhere.

Darius 19/06/2014 03:21:20   
Gildor 31

As in your comic !

Gildor 19/06/2014 04:53:11   
Darius 22

More, and far more annoying.

Darius 19/06/2014 04:54:57   
Gildor 31

At last my moving is nearly finished (from France to Quebec if you're interested) and I can begin my support.

That's official : you have a new patron. I am not writting that to congratulate myself ( I say no, sir) but to encourage people reading me to do it.

Gildor 20/06/2014 19:55:01   
Darius 22

Much appreciated, and congratulations for your moving! ^-^

Darius 21/06/2014 03:50:04   
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