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#1 20 Nov, 2013 20:19:57


Hello mates

We are couple of comic fans saying hello from México. And we have been working on a comic idea for now a couple of years, so the reason of this message is to ask for the necessary support to publish it, once and for all.

We don´t have yet a proper name for our script, and for the moment we are just calling it Prophe-3 <prophethree> / The Vigilante. For which we prepare the following short synopsis:

"Prophe-3 is a tale of power, sacrifice and responsibility. A crazy mixture of fantasy and science fiction, which narrates the misadventures of 3 uncanny young adults: Amaya, Nazzer and James. On which will fall the possibility of stopping an outrageous super natural violence, that is destroying the hopeless city on which they have been reunited- the infamous Distrito Aztlán. The three pushed together, without eve knowing it, to satisfy a hidden agenda that has been manipulating the most intimate moments of their lives. A extra-normal accident, a dark treason, and a false vendetta, that will lead them to search of their true selfs, and places on the world. Always with the same question lurking on their minds: “Why should any one left a perfectly normal life in order to bring justice to a bunch of ungrateful nobodies?”. They say that we, the small people, dream on big thing, while the great ones just on having some peace - Would you sacrifice everything good on you to gave mankind a better world?".

Right now we got a script with 20 chapters on spanish (with 3 translated to English), that narrates the beginning of our tale. Also we got some characters designs, with their profile, and a timeline of the world our tale takes place. Unfortunately we don´t have the necessary skill to illustrate this idea proper. So we are attaching the first sample of our script on a novel  book version, waiting for someone to have the curiosity to helps us with this project. Or other way to publish our novel with some illustrations only.

For spanish version:

For english version: … sample.pdf

We thank your time and sooner answer.

Jaime Posadas & Antonio Cabrera

#2 20 May, 2023 03:26:54


tell me

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